What kind of e-skateboarder are you?

Published by JASON on 16th Jun 2014

When it comes to building skateboards there are two types of people....

Those that build their own skateboards using a carefully selected range of handpicked quality parts from the top brands in skateboarding & then there are those who buy the off the shelf, pre-built completes that some dude in an office thought would be good all rounder to please the masses of society!


.... Let me set the scene..... You are planning to go for a skate with some mates... at the last minute your awesome board that you built & love gets a jammed bearing or snapped king-pin! So your buddy offers you the spare deck that he is not using.... WOW BUDDY YOUR A LEGEND!

But hold on - You take it out for a ride & it feels like you have never ridden a skateboard before! you have to readjust your balance and your feeling totally un-co.. It feels foreign under your feet! and your day is ruined.


This feeling you get is the reason why these off the shelf electric skateboards will never be my choice when it comes to powering around the streets... Everyone is different & everyone has there own favorite deck setups, its a fact of life!

At enertion when it comes to making the best electric skateboards ever, its not about selecting a generic deck that the masses will hopefully enjoy its about designing a modular system that allows any skateboard to be retro fitted with a powerful light weight propulsion system so that you can have the ride of your life and build the electric skateboard or longboard of your dreams

At enertionboards.com we make this possible, we will build you a custom made skateboard using world class brand names renowned for making the best decks & wheels with individually configured drive train setups to meet your real world requirements. 

Best of all the price won't break your bank, eboards starting at $999

This is my current ride, built on a 

Landyachtz Tomahawk Longboard 

Your electric skateboard is an extension of your riding style.... & your electric skateboard should definitely not be the same hunk of junk the 12 year old kid down the street got for Christmas

Buy your own custom built electric skateboards online at www.enertionboards.com

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