The ultimate components housing for electric skateboards

1st Nov 2014

Lately I have been thinking on ways to improve the components housing, the case that you put your battery & ESC inside and attach beneath the deck.

On all the custom made electric skateboards I build at the moment I use aluminium, this gives the boards a professional finish and its easy to work with when doing customizations.

The only issue with aluminium cases is it doesn't come in all the sizes i need, so there is always a trade off. You might end up with a case that is a few millimeters larger than what you need. This is an issue when you are trying to design super slim housings to maximise under deck clearance.

The Next option would be to vacuum form some plastic material to the shape you want... this is probably one of the cheapest options in terms of materials. However it does require a mold so there are some tooling costs involved with each new shape you want to make.... also it doesn't look the professional.

Injection molding is probably what most large scale manufacturers would use if they wanted to create a case, however its impossible to do small batches and you need to develop the mold.

The initial toolings cost are the biggest issues, closely followed by minimum order quantities. 

Another option that i am sure i will try in the near future is 3D printed housing... but I don't have a 3D printer and personally i think the quality is not yet to the standard i am looking for.

Its also worth noting that Enertion custom made electric skateboards can be made up from a huge range of different parts, and from time to time these parts need to be swapped out with different sized components, different battery sizes & Dual or Single ESC depending on what the customer requires so there is always that variable to consider in the design of the components housing. 

So the design must be adaptable and able to be produced in small batches but be made from the best quality grade & most professional looking of materials available.

So there really is only one viable option, a constructed housing from carbon fibre and glass fibre plates using CNC aluminium spacers. This makes for an extremely strong, highly customizable chassis that looks awesome and is super lightweight.

Check out my concept video:

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