Raptor 2.1 - Constant Improvement Initiative

1st Jun 2018

The Raptor 2 has not stopped evolving since it was launched back in 2017 

Our goal is to make the world's most powerful direct drive electric skateboard.

This goal also means we must make the safest & most reliable electric skateboard, and we must also use only the best quality parts we can produce.

To achieve our goals we have adopted a "constant Improvement" approach with manufacturing & development, which means if we identify a quality, reliability or manufacturing issue, we immediately make changes to rectify the problem. This is an extremely slow process and it has meant endless delays in our shipping schedule, but the end result is our products constantly get better.

List of major changes already implemented since launch

  1. Deck: 

    Upgraded deck design to improve strength, improve assembly times & eliminate a water ingress fault related to battery lid fitment issues. We also have a new deck factory with much higher quality control standards.

  2. Seal inside the battery lid:

     The material used in the original seal became deformed after removing the lid a few times and it meant water ingress could occur. We now use a special process to create a custom molded silicone seal.

  3. Seal outside the battery box:

    The "Battery Box Riser" is a completely new part with at least 3 functions. Firstly, it's primary function is to cover the gap between the battery lid & the battery base. This prevents water spray entering into places it shouldn't, which is our first defence against ingress protection. Even if water does get past this part, it still wont get past our new upgraded silicone seal inside the lid. Secondly, this part also has a built in rear truck riser that helps to eliminate road vibrations. Finally, this part makes attaching our electronics enclosure to other decks much easier as it has a special skirt that conforms to deck concaves, so you get a professional finish.

  4. Motor Wire Adapter:

    This is a completely new part - a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with various connectors soldered onto it. It's primary job is to connect the motors phase & sensor wires, which are outside the electronics enclosure, to the motor controllers sealed inside the battery box. This new part makes assembly and repairs much easier as you can quickly connect/disconnect the motor/motor controller without disassembling the entire battery enclosure. We also developed a new silicone seal that seals the hole that the connectors on this PCB protrude through, it make a much better ingress seal.

New upgrades in development to be deployed into Raptor 2.1

  1. FocBox Unity: 

    The Focbox Unity can throughput 30% more current & offers improved thermal management, plus it has a fully reworked & updated software user interface to make advanced programing simple & fast. The Focbox Unity has many advantages, we will need to dedicate a separate article to describe all the new features & benefits in detail. For the novice es8ker, the Focbox Unity might not make the raptor 2.1 ride any different when compared to the raptor 2.0, but you can rest assured you have the latest & greatest technology onboard. 

  2. New Handle Design: 

    We have completely redesigned the Raptor 2 carry handles. We have made the handle more ergonomic & used super strong lightweight materials to help reduce overall weight, this change allows for a far more comfortable grip in the hand. We have also slightly repositioned the handle location closer to the heavier rear-end so you get a perfect balance of weight making carrying the raptor 2.1 around much easier on the hands, wrist & forearms.

  3. Secret Performance Upgrade:

    Due to ongoing patent applications we are not able to announce this new technology. What we can say is that it is going to be a world first delivering huge performance improvements.

All of these changes listed above will be included in the NEW Raptor 2.1 Shipping After August 2018


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