World's First Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck Designed for Builders of DIY Eboards

19th Jun 2015

Carbon Fiber skateboard decks, for non-motorised skateboards, are not a new concept, they have been commercially availalbe for a few years, you can go and buy one right now online and build a really nice non-powered skateboard with a carbon deck.

So what about complete Carbon Fiber electric skateboards with all the components built in? This is only a very recent concept, there a literally only few companies world wide that make prebuilt electric skateboards that have a specifically designed carbon fiber deck. They are Evolve, Marbel & Inboard.

Out of these three, only ONE of them actually has product available to purchase & ride. So in the entire world today, if you wanted to buy an electric skateboard with a purpose built carbon fiber deck there is only one place to buy it! That's from Evolve.

So your choice is very limited, I really hope you like they way Evolve build electric skateboards! because you don't have a choice. You can't decide how many motors, what top speed, how much battery capacity, what battery chemistry... your choice is VERY LIMITED!

That is why more & more people are building their own electric skateboards. Everyone is different and everyone has different performance requirements.

So if you are like me, If you are a builder of electric skateboards you should be well aware how hard it can be to make a professional looking quality product, its not impossible but it is difficult. The main challenge is related to the fact that you have to take a range of bits & pieces and connect them all together and somehow enclose them in a box and then make it fit neatly beneath a 1 meter long irregular shaped, convex skateboard deck. Some people use aluminium boxes to protect their expensive electronics, some people use lunch boxes... neither option is perfect!! A better solution is required for builders of DIY electric skateboards.

Enertion is proud to introduce the worlds first commercially available, stand alone, purpose built, Carbon Fiber electric Skateboard Deck.


Until NOW a stand alone, deck only, carbon fiber skateboard with built in cavity for electronic components has not been available for purchase sperately. This is the future of electric skateboards. Building your own electric skateboard will always be better than buying the under powered "one-size-fits-all" options that are currently available on the market.

Note: Picture for illustration purpose only, Does not come with any electronic components, skateboard deck only.

With the Enertion All-In-One Carbon Fiber deck all of your electronic components (except the motors) can be installed safely inside, not only does this look awesome it will make for one of the lightest electric skateboard builds you can build at home.

The components housing is sealed below the deck to prevent dust and moisture contacting your electrics. You simply remove a few screws at the top and can access your battery for a quick swap out.

The All-In-One Carbon fiber deck is compatible with the Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell or most common 3 Cell LIPO batteries available from the hobby store. So now you can fully customize your ride. Range VS Weight, Torque VS Top Speed, the choice is yours.


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