Worlds First - 5 inch Pneumatic skateboards wheels & CNC alloy RIM

11th Nov 2014

Its been a Looong time coming..... but finally the custom designed enertion all-terrain wheels have arrived. These 5 inch wheels have been specifically developed for modern electric skateboards, more specifically they are used on the Enertion all-terrain electric skateboard this skateboard is designed to get you from a-b when there is no suitable man-made concrete path.... With this wheel you can create the ultimate urban all-terrain vehicle capable of getting you places more efficiently than your hunk of junk car is capable of....  CHOOSE A PATH.. ANY PATH!

With these 130mm pump up wheels you choose a path and these wheels will do the rest! The 5 inch pneumatic wheels size is a perfect combination of performance & practicality. You can easily build a dual drive electric skateboard with these wheels and still have an incredibly lightweight (less than 9kg) board that can be easily carried onto transport or packed into the boot of your car when needed.  

The tyre compound has also been carefully developed to ensure a high-standard ride quality, high-rebound elasticity, super grippy for unparalleled rider comfort and precision maneuverability at high speeds. The tyres have superior traction even in moist slippery conditions. 

These wheels fit any standard skate truck with 8mm axles, they also use standard skate bearings, so grab your favourite 22mm X 7mm skateboard bearing and go... Or simply use a bearing of 22mm diameter with 10mm bore making the wheel compatible for use on MTB trucks.

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The specs.

Weight 428grams

Size 5x1.5 inch

44mm bolt hole pattern - compatible with sprocket & pulleys

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