When will the electric skateboard kits be available?

Published by jason potter on 30th Apr 2014

I have had several people wanting to know when the first orders for the Build your own electric skateboard kits will ship out.

At this stage I expect to receive the parts from the anodizing factory in about one week which is about a week longer wait than expected, so about 8th may, as there were some issues getting the colour correct. 

I will also need to do some basic Q&A before I can send anything.

The Q&A will be:

> A visual check to ensure everything looks good. It's gotta look good right?

> Assembly & Checking to ensure the parts got made correctly & that all the tapped holes are threaded nicely.

> I must also do some other things like weighing each kit to get accurate weight for shipping.

> I also need to organise suitable packaging for parts to be shipped in.

So without any other delays I estimate Mid May for first orders to start shipping.

So you all want to see some real life photos? 

Here are some anodized products photographed & sent to me from my anodizing factory.

DIY electric skateboard KIT

NOTE: Photo is for illustration purpose only - The wheel hub does not assemble this way.

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