Unity shipments resume!

Published by Enertion on 16th Jul 2019

Unity Shipments now under way!!

Just placed your Unity order, or about to?

Want to know more about why there's a bit of a wait until the next batch drops? Read on - at Enertion, we might not always be able to deliver our most popular products on-demand, but we'll do our utmost to let you know always the reasons behind it, and if there are any changes to our proposed production schedule, while we work to bring you the leading edge of motor controller technology.

Unity Shipments commence!

Last week, Unity shipments from our latest batch started shipping out to customers in non-US locations. Customers based in the US should expect their Unity to arrive within the next 4-5 days, with shipments via USPS.

We're really excited for our US customers - we know that summer is in full swing, and that many of you are just waiting on your FOCBOX Unity to complete your awesome, beastly machines of beauty. We can't wait for you to get on your boards and forget your troubles!

Schedule for remaining shipments

Due to the delayed shipment of core sub-components of the Unity from one of our factory's parts suppliers, 

We expect a slight delay of 9-11 days until the production batch fulfilling orders placed up to mid April - These will be shipped out express once received to those awaiting customers.

Orders placed from mid April onwards should expect their production batch to be completed by the 3rd week of August. We'll definitely be trying to complete it quicker if at all possible - any changes to this timeline will be posted on this blog as well as sent out as a direct email to all subscribers of our newsletter. 

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