The most advanced speed controller for electric skateboards - VESC

5th May 2015

The folks at Boosted boards may of had a slight advantage over the DIY eboard builders of the world, until now.

Traditionally DIY electric skateboard builders used ESC from hobby shops, they worked ok, but they were never designed to carry a 90kg rider and they simply didn't have the necessary features required for building an electric skateboard that felt amazing to ride and safe!. Features such as; strong & progressive electronic braking, regenerative brakes, start from stationary without sensors. The other major benefits of this design is built-in safety features, such as; temperature controls & current control meaning it will be very difficult to damage your expensive electronics by overloading the system.

The VESC is the invention of Benjamin Vedder, a fellow DIY enthusiasts who like to build robotics. He built the VESC from the ground up to be the best BLDC motor controller ever made. I think he nailed it!

This is the best ESC for Electric Skateboards by a mile!

Here is my mini review:

Ben has perfected the brake. It is progressive, powerful, responsive but most of all it's safe. I can pull it fairly hard without feeling like i will get launched into the air. This was a feature that until now was lacking in eboard ESC's... stopping is fairly important so undoubtedly this feature will be appreciated by all E-boarders

This ESC just works. Turn it on and it's ready. Jump onto the board Pull the trigger and you start to move. From Stationary!.. some people have suggested a beep sequence so you know it's ready. If it is possible I don't think it would hurt.

Very powerful acceleration! And smooth as can be. For some reason my motors sound like F1 cars when using the VESC. I don't know why they sound so good!... you can hear the power. It sounds like the motors are actually running cleaner/better i really have no idea why this occurs... if i was to take a guess why? my made up answer would be: because the motors parameters are detected by the esc and saved into the system the motors are therefore perfectly synced to the esc and tuned to operate at their peak performance. because the ESC is setup specifically for each motor it is able to deliver power more accurately and the power that is delivered is magical.

This is what Ben had to say about why the VESC sounds so good.

The sound that you are hearing probably is caused by the adaptive switching frequency. On low duty cycles, slower switching will give better ADC readings since they have to be done in the ON time which is short then. On higher duty cycles the on time increases, so the switching frequency can also be increased. Sine sampling is done every switching cycle, the frequency has to be increased as the motor is spinning faster to get accurate tracking. So this frequency change is causing the special sound of the VESC.

For all the beta testers who have been patiently waiting for this revolutionary device to be manufactured, GOOD NEWS! I have received the first batch, Today is the day they get shipped out to you all for testing! thanks for the support.


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