​The Maker Movement and Enertion Boards | DIY ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS

14th Aug 2015

Its great to see some acknowledgement of the Build Your Own Electric Skateboard Industry, Especially when it is originating from the non-powered longboarding community itself. Recently Blogger, Longboard reviewer and founder of Reviewlongboards.com interviewed me for an article he was working on.

The article is focussing in on the maker movement that has swept across the world in recent years, specifically how new technology is giving anybody professional manufacturing capabilities in their own garage. As skateboarders know, this movement has given us the capability to make our own electric longboards using common equipment. So I am proud to announce that we were considered as the forefront of the DIY electric longboard community in his in-depth article live now at Review Longboards, a popular longboarding blog. Through research of his own and an interview they did with me, the article goes over the mission of the company and where Enertion Boards is going in the future. You can check out the full text of the article for yourself at Review Longboards.

LINK: DIY Electric Longboards Article

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