Enertion Newsletter - Volume 8 Issue 2

17th Dec 2018


FOCBOX Unity ships out!

This week saw the eagerly-awaited FOCBOX Unity start to land in customer's hands! We are ecstatic to see the community reaction to the next-generation of electronic motor controllers, and not only to see them used in electric skateboards, but a whole host of different applications. It's exciting times we are living in, and we're delighted to continue being a market leader on the forefront of this technology.


Orders have almost finished processing for the FOCBOX Unity, and the R-SPEC Drive kit.

R-SPEC Drive kits ship out!

As promised, our brand new R-SPEC Drive kits have begun to be shipped, with the first kits expected to hit doorsteps right about now. The first units to be dispatched were those without the Unity included in the order, so if you're one of these customers, you should have your kit in your hot hands soon!

The majority of other Drive kit orders containing the Unity have also been arranged, with tracking numbers either in, or expected within the next few days.


Official Release

Simplicity or ultimate control?

Whether you're after a blazing quick setup process, generally under 2 minutes, or if you desire the ability to harness the full power of the Unity, official software has now been released for Windows and Android via the Play store - Simply search "FOCBOX Unity."

This is only the beginning! We'll continue to update these guides over time, and always ensure that the community has access to the most current information and guides on the FOCBOX Unity.

We apologise that an official Mac version is not yet available. This is in the works, but will not be ready for release for a few months to come yet. In the meanwhile, Mac users can try out the experimental Mac Tool for Unity, or choose instead to use bootcamp or an android phone instead.

NEW: FOCBOX Unity Help Guide

FOCBOX Unity Help Guide

Our team's also been hard at work populating the FOCBOX Unity Help Guide. Here you'll find software downloads, answers to the most common questions that are asked about the FOCBOX Unity. Be sure to bookmark the guide or check back regularly, as we'll constantly be adding updated tutorials and answers to your questions!

Raptor 2.1


Raptor 2.1

We're delighted to see that customers are now receiving the very first Raptor 2.1s in existence! We aim to get out at least 100 more by the end of the year!

December production is still currently under way, and we're expecting an update on completed units by the end of this week.

The current plan is to complete our current run of 500 boards by the end of January, which will mean that everyone with a current order should have their boards shipped to them within the next six weeks!

Look out for more production updates coming soon.



Remember to prepare your designs early!

A reminder that your competition board must be built by 31st January 2019. With almost all Drive kit customers about to get their orders, we hope that you've got everything set up and designed to build a badass electric skateboard!!

Don't forget to post your build thread here to be in with a chance of winning the main PRIZE! Winner announced by Feburary 15th, 2019.

Last, but not least... MERRY CHRISTMAS from the 

team at Enertion!!

Thank you for all your wonderful support in 2018, and we wish everyone an amazing, fulfilling, excitement-filled (and relaxing!) holiday. Remember to wear your helmets, not get too sloshed to ride, and most importantly have a ridiculously good time!!

We have so many exciting things planned for 2019, and we absolutely can't wait to share and continue this journey with all of you!

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