Enertion Newsletter - Volume 7 Issue 2

20th Nov 2018

Raptor 2.1 - Production


Production has begun!!

... and is now well under way for our first batch of Raptor 2.1s. Our engineering division has been in China over the past week to oversee the implementation of the new FOCBOX Unity into the Raptor 2.1.

Now that production has started on the 2.1, we expect to be able to fulfil all our remaining backorders between Nov 2018 and Jan 2019. Any Raptor 2 customers who chose to defer their original order to receive a R2.1 will be up for delivery first, with orders placed from Jun 1st 2018 to follow shortly thereafter.

We, again, thank you for your patience, and are so stoked that the 2.1 will be in many of our customer's hands very soon!!

Parts and Accessories stock

More wheel stock has arrived!

We are happy to let you know that we've recently received more 90mm and 97mm outwheels, as well as 100mm wheels. If you've already placed an order for these in our system, it should be en route to you very soon.

Now's a great chance to get in and stock up on your Raptor 2 spare wheels - we know a lot of riders have been waiting on these bad boys for quite some time, so stock will sell out!





FOCBOX Unity production in progress

Having spent the past week in China visiting our FOCBOX Unity manufacturer, we are pleased to announce that the commencement of Unity production is now official, with the first of these units expected to be dispatched from our warehouses by the end of the month.

Less than a 50 remaining from the first batch of FOCBOX Unity! Remember to pre-order NOW if you want the chance to receive a Unity this year!

Please note: Second batch of Unity is not due to begin shipping until after Feb 2019.

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