Enertion Newsletter - Volume 6 Issue 1

7th Oct 2018

Raptor 2 Shipping

The vast majority of boards from this last batch of 250 have been completed, and have been sent to our forwarder to be arranged for final shipment. Most of our waiting Raptor 2 customers should have already received their tracking information, but if you haven't, you can expect to receive your shipping confirmation email the week of 8th October and onwards.

There are still a small proportion of boards that require electronics to be completed, but these should be ready prior to the end of October for shipping.

Raptor 2s coming off another pallet


Parts and Accessories stock

90mm/97mm/100mm Outwheels

We have finally received shipment of our 90mm outwheels, so they're back in stock! Any customers who've been waiting for their orders on these (and/or replacements) should be receiving these very soon (or already received them.)

The width of these outwheels has been modified to 78mm in order to have a more precise fitment to our Ghost motors (both black and silver variants). The diameter of all outwheels remains unchanged.

Although this change was not 100% necessary, it was implemented as it can help to prevent premature splitting of outwheels that might occur with a lot of carving, in particular for our heavier riders.

This, unfortunately, has added delays to us receiving our 97mm and 100mm outwheel stock. We expect to be receiving stock of these during this month. More to come in the next update.

Nano-X remotes still in stock and ready to ship!


Are your black motors stuttering?

Stuttering may be a symptom experienced by some Raptor riders whose boards have black motors. If you are experiencing this problem, please follow this guide to remedy the software issue.

Have silver motors and messed up some settings?

Although we do not recommend that most users change the settings on their new Raptor 2s (as they have been optimised by our team already for great performance), we do appreciate that some more experienced DIYers will like to adjust their Raptor 2's settings, and also that sometimes it's possible to mess them up!

If you have silver motors and have changed your settings causing your R2 to stop functioning correctly, please follow this guide to reset things back to factory default.

*Note: Please do not use the black motor guide for silver motors, and vice versa.


Barcelona - Aug 5th
Paris - Aug 11th
Amsterdam - Aug 18th
And London. - Aug 25th

LA - Sept 15th
San Francisco - Sept 16th
Chicago - Sept 18th
New York City - Sept 22nd
Toronto - Sept 29th

Montreal - October 6th
Vancouver - Oct 14th
San Diego - October 18th
And finally Las Vegas, where we will be participating in the Esk8 Renegade event. Oct 19th-21st.


FOCBOX Unity nears 100% readiness

The final touches of the FOCBOX Unity have been sampled and are being tested for use during final production.

Pictured below are the silicone casing (note, the final version will be a vibrant orange colour), and how the Unity appears as a complete module (bottom right).

Production timelines

With all we've learnt from this production batch, we are extremely happy overall with our decision to focus on quality, even at the expense of slower production. Our latest customers who've received boards, have seen the benefits of this, and have had many great things to say about their newly-received Raptor 2s.

This only reinforces the mandate that we must follow: that quality must always come first.

Pre-orders that were placed after June 1st 2018 are in queue for Raptor 2.1s, and we understand that the initial timeline for these was to be October. This timeline has been set back slightly, while we run more testing to double and triple check that we're happy with all the parts going into the Raptor 2.1, and that these parts all work together seamlessly. We know it's disappointing to wait an extra month or two, but we promise the benefit of this far outweighs any alternative.

We also appreciate that there are some customers who have chosen to defer their Raptor 2 order to instead receive a Raptor 2.1, and that some of these customers placed their orders far earlier than June 2018. As such, these customers have retained their place in queue (but been marked for R2.1), and are first in line to receive the R2.1.

Additionally, we understand that different customers around the world have wildly varying riding seasons available to them. If delivery of your Raptor 2.1 in Nov/Dec means that you'll get your board when you will most likely be unable to ride it, you are more than welcome to contact our support team to schedule your delivery time for a later date. We will try to accommodate you the best we can to ensure that you can receive your board prior to when your riding seasons are due to begin.

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