Enertion Newsletter - V4.1

6th Aug 2018


EU Customs situation

We have not yet received confirmation that these packages have been released by customs, and have asked for the goods to return to HK. This should occur within a week.

We expect from this point, a 9-12 day (business day) delivery on these previously stuck shipments.

We also want to reassure customers that if there are further issues with these stuck shipments and August production boards become available during this time instead, we'll send these out the those customers still waiting, in order to minimise any further delays that may be experienced.

If this occurs, previously stuck shipments will then be re-shipped to the next customers in queue. 

Next shipments

These are due to occur before the end of August, and will cover order ranges from 1445x-1729x in the planned run of 150 boards.

We are also aiming to produce beyond this, and another 100 boards have been scheduled as our greater aim, so that orders from 1730x-1825x can also be sent out.

This run will mean almost all R2 pre-orders would have been fulfilled, and heralds the transition to beginning production of the Raptor 2.1!



August: Full steam ahead

We're pushing all of our suppliers to get us the required parts on time, and we're pushing for our production run to be in the 2-3 weeks of August, so we have enough time to get boards shipped out to customers before the end of the month.

Overseeing August first-hand

The Enertion management team are headed to China on August 17th to oversee the next production batch being assembled and tested.

We are serious about quality control and making sure that boards are 100% assembled in the correct way using the correct tools, and that boards are being put through their paces thoroughly and methodically. Although we visited this factory back in December, we believe it's high time to personally ensure that everything goes to plan in August. Our QC will be spearheaded by both Jason, and Bara, our Head of Technical services.

It's not lost on us that our loyal Enertion customers deserve to have every action taken that can be taken to ensure that our products are the absolute best that they possibly can be. We want to make a difference - we need to make a difference, for you.

90mm/97mm/100mm wheels and outwheels

These are due August 15th, with the currently tested formula. For those receiving boards from the last batch and onwards, they used this improved formula. For those expecting replacements, these will be dispatched as soon as our forwarders receives this stock.


These are due to be back in stock on our website around mid-August. We've upgraded the battery on these, as we saw a few cases where controllers would not charge or hold charge. The new battery features an in-built protection circuit to prevent any of these symptoms.



Barcelona - Aug 5th
Paris - Aug 11th
Amsterdam - Aug 18th
And London. - Aug 25th


LA - Sept 15th
San Francisco - Sept 16th
Chicago - Sept 18th
New York City - Sept 22nd
Montreal - TBA
Toronto - Sept 29th

Vancouver - TBA
San Diego - October 18th
And finally Las Vegas, where we will be participating in the Esk8 Renegade event. Oct 19th-21st.

We hope to have dates to confirm soon, and can't wait to see you there!

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


We've identified one of the key issues in delaying repairs has been the quick availability of spare parts for our repair agents.

As such, we've rolled out a program where all repair agents will have the necessary parts on hand in order to turn repairs around in much improved timeframes for our customers. 

We're also in the process of providing extensive training to our Customer Service team so they can better serve your enquiries or deal with issues in a more effective and efficient manner.

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