Enertion Newsletter - V3.3

23rd Jul 2018


EU Customs situation

We have made the decision to extract these units from their current location Czechia, where they have been held up in customs for the previous month. In retrospect, we may have made this decision earlier, but we had still hoped for a resolution to the seemingly unending wait for these boards to clear customs. It is due to the fact that we have not been able to get any type of indication over the past 30 days from customs as to when these units would be released.

We will be arranging these skateboard shipments to be processed through a different EU customs facility, one through which we have not experienced clearance issues.

Skateboards which have been shipped since the 30th of June have reached our customers within our normally expected shipping time frames of 9-12 working days. These have been processed through the same facility which we will be sending the prior shipments which were held up in customs.

Other Raptor 2s which were awaiting shipment

Several of our customers were still without their tracking numbers from the last batch of skateboards; However, almost all of these have now been received during the last 24 hrs, so please check your email inboxes for your shipping confirmation.

We dearly apologise for this delay, which was caused due to our assembly factory stepping on our forwarder's toes in order to perform customs declarations for the exportation of goods which they had assembled.

This was surprise (and unwanted) news for us, as all that it did was to cause further delays for these units which were meant to have shipped at the end of June.

If you were one of these affected customers, please make sure to contact our 24/7 support team to claim your July rebate!



July to see no units produced

We know. It's unbelievable.

We have the motors

We still haven't received the wheels.

Judging by the track record of our wheel manufacturer, we have to assume we will NOT get wheels in time to complete the 50 boards we had intended for July..


Reaching the same level of production as June, which was our biggest production month to date, is our base priority; However, we know our production capabilities can (and must) improve. This is why we are aiming to produce a hundred more boards in August than what we produced in June.

Notwithstanding the month of July, we have been encouraged by the recent upswing in production numbers, and believe we can get back on track in terms of up-scaling our production again August and onwards. We firmly believe that when the Raptor is in stock, it's going to go off like the proverbial frog in a sock. We need to be prepared, and now's the time to ensure we are.


Our new FOCBOX Unity casing featuring heat-dissipating fins (final version to be in a funky orange colour)

FOCBOX Unity - tests begin

After a small hiccup with our Unity beta samples being sent to our CEO in Australia instead of our engineer in Canada, we are happy to say that these units have been redirected and are now in the appropriate hands so testing can ensue.

Our new software is fully operational now, and we're excited at how much easier it will be for customers to run setup processes as well as alter settings to match their needs.

Once testing has concluded, our PCBA manufacturer is ready to begin mass production of the new Unity!

Testing the new FOCBOX Unity software (seen here on a tablet)

The new handle of the Raptor 2.1

Samples of the redesigned handle have been produced using 3d printing to validate its design - with a slight length readjustment (as well as a nice Enertion logo), this is how the new handle will look for the Raptor 2.1. It will be made using die-cast aluminium.

Also, for those who have been wondering, we WILL be making the 2.1 deck/handle available for separate purchase so that existing users can upgrade their current decks.

A 3d-printed prototype of the new 2.1 deck handle

New horizons for the FOCBOX

A render of the electric vehicle prototype which will be built later this year using FOCBOX motor controllers

FOCBOX for electric vehicles!

At Enertion, it's always been part of our bigger goals for the business to not only use our technology for the world of electric skateboards, but for the EV industry as a whole.

As such, we're delighted to announce a partnership with one of New Zealand's leading educational institutions, where the FOCBOX will be deployed in a light electric vehicle for the very first time!

We expect to see the completion of this project later this year, and can't wait to see how the FOCBOX performs in this application.

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


Our goals

We know at Enertion that exceptional customer service is one of the most critical components to our success as a leading player in the electric skateboard (and electric vehicle) industry. With that in mind, we are working at establishing systems that will enable us to achieve our goal to be able to offer our customers the greatest service in our industry, bar none.

Although we've been able to provide quick turnarounds in a lot of cases, we also realise that some customers experiencing issues have had to wait an undue amount of time to get their issues resolved, and for that we apologise. We realise that every customer is equally important, and as such have implemented new targets for our Service department, as as ongoing improvement initiative.

Our goals, in terms of turnaround times for customers experiencing issues with our products, are as follows:

  • A part requiring replacement reaches our customers within 7 days of an issue being reported
  • A product that needs to be sent to one of our certified Repair Agents should have a turnaround time of no more than 2 weeks.

We know we aren't there yet, but we also know that unless we acknowledge our weaknesses and dedicate the necessary human resources and systems development to the issue, we won't achieve everything we've set out to do.

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