Enertion Newsletter - V3.2

13th Jul 2018


EU Customs problems

We are aware that EU shipments are still held up in customs - unfortunately there's not a lot we can do at this point but wait. Our forwarder has been in contact with the relevant carriers every day to ask for updates, but we are at the mercy of EU customs at this point.

We sincerely apologise to our customers, who have shown incredible patience and understanding thus far in the last leg of their wait for their Raptor 2s.

EOFYS Orders

If your order has not been shipped yet, it should be completed by the end of this week.

There are some SKUs that have been oversold (mostly wheels), so we apologise that these shipments will be delayed while we wait on our next shipment of wheels. The good news is that if yours is one of the affected orders, you just paid clearance prices for non-clearance wheel stock!



A motor in process of being laser-welded


For those that haven't seen our Youtube update, here's a quick recap on the motor situation:

1) We have had some issues with our motor supplier, namely in getting sufficient supply of motors delivered on time for July's production. This has also been the cause of some previous production runs being delayed.

2) As such, we've decided to engage our contingency motor supplier, with whom we've been developing our relationship with since late December. We visited their facilities at this time, and believe that they are much better equipped to scale up with our operations.

3) We have some motors in stock to produce a small run (50) boards in July, but are expecting 500 motors in August for the production of 250 boards, which will signify our largest production run to date.


Although we've received one batch of new formula wheels, these have been all used up in our June production run. We have been trying to get another large batch of wheels ordered for the past few weeks, and after much tribulation, now have an order in place.

Why so long?
We may have mentioned it before, but being considered by a manufacturer as 'small fry' in the manufacturing game tends to mean that we often get ignored, or pushed to the side when it comes to getting our orders fulfilled. To put it bluntly, our orders are just not comparable to the size of orders that these manufacturers get from other, much larger and more well-established electric skateboard companies.

We should have 90mm, 97mm, and 100mm wheels all back in stock towards the end of July/early August.


Our new FOCBOX Unity testing rig

FOCBOX Unity - tests begin

For the soon to be released FocBox Unity we have developed a completely new test bench with a purpose built software system which automates the entire testing procedure. Thanks to a 64 bit quad core CPU, Linux operating system and 5inch touch screen interface, our technicians are able to easily run the custom FOCBOX Unity test Bench program executing a suite of over 10 different test applications simultaneously.

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


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