Enertion Newsletter - V2.5

29th Jun 2018


Raptor 2

June's production batch is nearing completion, with the first of these units having been picked up by our forwarder yesterday. Our forwarder is currently arranging these shipments and tracking numbers are expected to become available over the next few days, with the remaining boards from June to arrive at our forwarder later today.

The first orders to receive tracking will range from orders 1258X-1311X.

The remaining June batch will see orders from 1313X-1434X sent out.

We are awaiting confirmation for orders 1396X-1434X - these were scheduled to be produced in the June batch, but may be added to the early July batch instead.


Although we expected to have FOCBOX back in stock by June 25th, available in time for the sale, our manufacturer has not been able to supply these on time. Stock is expected by the end of this week - we sincerely apologise if you've ordered a FOCBOX during the sale - your order will be sent out as soon as we receive the stock at our forwarder.

All other orders from the sale are currently being processed. Due to the incredibly high volume of orders, we expect that it will take up to a week to clear this backlog of orders from the sale event. We look forward to getting your orders out to you!

Nano-X backorders

We have Nano-X remote controllers back in stock!

If you were one of the customers waiting for these, your order will be fulfilled shortly. We thank you for your patience.




As stated above, the June batch is essentially complete, with only a few boards remaining to pass QC and be collected by our forwarder.

So what was made?

140 boards were completed in June, which will cover all orders made from July through to September 2017.


There is a chance that late July production may be held up by a shortage of motors from our supplier. As we know more concrete information regarding this, we'll make any required adjustments to the July schedule and inform all of our customers.


FOCBOX Unity casing sample

Shown above is our (simplified) sample of the new FOCBOX Unity, to be featured in the Raptor 2.1 as well as sold separately. We're looking forward to showing these in action and to confirm our beta test results!

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


If you're waiting on a replacement board,

It's part of this next shipment! We'll update you via our ticketing system with your tracking details as soon as they're available.



Since customers have reported some issues with our latest stock of wheels, we're giving you the chance to buy them SUPER CHEAP!*

4/5 of customers who previously received wheels from this batch reported no issues, but we thought it was better to clear out all this stock, and make way for new, improved formula wheels.

*Please note, clearance stock is sold 'as is' and is not replaceable under warranty. Any wheels purchased before the sale (i.e. the items were not clearance stock at the time) will still be covered under our parts warranty.

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