Enertion Newsletter - V2.4

21st Jun 2018


Tracking numbers are all in!

Tracking numbers have now been received for all Raptor 2s shipped in the last batch. We apologise that there were some delays in receiving these - some difficult-to-service locations in particular caused this to occur.

My tracking number isn't changing/updating!

Once we receive a tracking number, this means that the carrier chosen by the forwarder has accepted the shipment and processed this in their system.

The next update on tracking that is usually received is when the goods pass customs in the destination country, so please give it some time. Once customs has been cleared, goods usually only take a day or two to arrive to you.

Also, your courier will attempt to call you during this time, so please make sure you answer any calls from a phone number you may not recognise! If you miss this call, it is most likely that your delivery will take longer.

What do I do if I am away from home?

We understand that some customers may have planned travel or be away from work when their boards are due to arrive.

If you are in, or think you might be in, this situation, please reach out to our 24/7 support team and let us know as soon as you can. Ideally we need to know this prior to your board being shipped, as things can get rather messy if you only let us know when your shipment is under way, and this can incur extra charges.

Simply contact us and let us know the dates you'll be away, and when you'll b e back to receive your board, and we'll make sure it gets shipped at the right time so you're there to receive your shiny new Raptor 2!



We are disappointed to announce that the June production schedule of 250 will not be possible, owing to late delivery of motors from our supplier. Although we were given firm dates, they (EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTINGLY) have not been able to deliver sufficient quantity in time to reach this target in June.

So what will be made?

We will complete 140 boards in June, which will cover all orders made from July through to September 2017.

These will cover orders ranging from 1258X-1434X.

Although we didn't reach our target (again), we are positive about this being the BIGGEST BATCH OF RAPTOR 2 ever produced!

What about July then?

July will see several production runs.

The beginning of July will see a further 60 Raptor 2s made, which will fulfil orders placed between the beginning of October and middle of November 2017.

These will cover orders ranging from 1435X-1508X.

This will mean customers still awaiting their Raptor 2 (or 2.1) will now only have been waiting a maximum of 7 months for their board.

The end of July has a further 200 Raptor 2 scheduled for production, which will fulfil orders placed from the middle of November 2017 till March 2018.

These will cover orders ranging from 1509X-1802X

By this time, the wait time for Raptor 2 will have dropped to under 6 months finally!


August will see the last of our Raptor 2 orders being completed and shipped in another run of 200 skateboards.

The focus will then shift to Raptor 2.1 production! It'll also mean that we've cleared all orders up to May 2018, which we're absolutely stoked about! 


The plan

Several key upgraded components which will be contained in the Raptor 2.1 are already under sampling process - we expect to have more FOCBOX Unity news and test reports for you soon, and will release new photos and video of the new handle/deck in operation shortly!

August marks the completion of Raptor 2 delivery, and we are aiming to produce the first production Raptor 2.1 by the end of August.

This means that for anyone who has placed a pre-order from the 1st June 2018 should have their Raptor 2.1s shipped by the end of September.

We've also seen many customers who preferred to delay their shipment so that they could receive a 2.1 instead. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please reach out to our 24/7 team and we can help you arrange it.

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


It's not only operational...

But it's also helped out several of our customers experiencing problems with their Raptor 2.

We're super excited that this program has worked out so well so far, and that people truly see the value in investing in a skateboard company who's willing to stand behind their product 110%.

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