Enertion Newsletter - V2.2

Enertion Newsletter - V2.2

8th Jun 2018


QC has been completed on the remaining 42 units that were produced at the end of May/start of June and pickup of these has been arranged by our forwarder.

As previously stated, these will cover order numbers between 11960-12566, meaning we have cleared all orders made up to June 2017.

Information from our forwarder is that these, along with the previous 85 skateboards will be organised over the next 2 days, and tracking numbers should become available from Monday 11th onwards. Please keep an eye on your email inboxes for our shipping confirmation emails containing tracking numbers and links.

A further 42 Raptor 2s are ready to be organised for delivery



In order to differentiate our latest batch of wheels undergoing production currently, we've changed the colour slightly, to match the same grey colour that is on the underbelly of the Raptor 2.

Raptor 2.1

We're excited to divulge more information regarding the Raptor 2.1!

So many customers have expressed that although they love their Raptor, that they would love their handle to be set further back to make the board more balanced when carried. We've heard your feedback, and we are excited to announce that the R2.1 will have handle placed in a slightly modified position to improve the ease of holding and picking up your skateboard.

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


Don't miss your opportunity!

We're glad to see many of our customers taking up the 2 Year Platinum Warranty offer on their Raptor 2 so far.

Just a reminder to those who are about to receive their boards, or are still waiting on their pre-order, that this warranty can only be purchased prior to receiving your board, so get in now to cover your Raptor 2 for 2 years with our Platinum Replacement Warranty!

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