Enertion Newsletter - V2.1

5th Jun 2018

Shipping Resumed

Shipping has resumed, with 85 Raptor 2s being collected from our assembly factory by our forwarder yesterday. These orders will be arranged by the end of the week, so look out for your shipping confirmation emails which will also contain tracking numbers and links. These 85 Raptor 2s cover order number between 10772-11955.

There are a further 42 assembled units undergoing QC, and these should be ready within the next few days, so assuming they all pass, these will also be heading to our freight forwarder soon. These cover order numbers between 11960-12566.

This will mean that although we're a week late, our end of May production target of 120 boards was not only reached but exceeded!

85 Raptors loaded up by our assembly factory to be sent to our forwarder

Production Update - June Targets and beyond

As stated in our last newsletter, the minimum number of Raptor 2s we are planning on completing in June totals 250. Not only will this leave us with no outstanding orders from 2017, but it also puts us in a great position to catch up with ALL orders by the end of July.

If these targets can be reached, it may accelerate the time at which the Raptor 2.1 is available, which although initially anticipated to be September onwards, could hit the streets as soon as August.

As usual, we'll be providing constant updates via our Newsletters, Blog and Youtube wrap-ups to inform all of our customers if there are any changes to this schedule.


The electronics sub-assembly, which we have dubbed the E-tray, incorporates the switch, BMS and FOCBOX motor controllers.

Fig. 1 - The Raptor 2 E-tray

Although we currently have some stock available to us, the production of more of these to accomodate June production is well under way, with our electronics manufacturer managing to source MOSFETs in sufficient quantities to facilitate June production and onwards. These are slated to be delivered to our assembly facility on the 20th June.


Sample testing being finalised and approved, we have moved forward with our order with this supplier. It is our intention to receive these new wheels prior to any June production proceeding. The estimated lead time for these is 20 days as of yesterday.

The Raptor 2 Replacement program

"You RIDE or we REPLACE"

ALL RAPTOR 2s will now come standard with a 1 year Platinum Warranty!

This means that if you have a faulty or defective Raptor 2, and we aren't able to get it fixed by either sending you parts, or by getting it serviced by one of our repair agents,

How this affects extended warranty

If you've already purchased our extended warranty, congratulations - your warranty has instantly been upgraded to our new Platinum Warranty for the entire 2 years!

For those customers who haven't purchased an extension on their warranty but would like to, we have made the new Platinum Warranty product available on our store.

Please note, this extended warranty can usually only be purchased prior to receiving your Raptor 2. Please check our full Terms and Conditions for full disclosure regarding this warranty.


Fig. 2 - The FOCBOX Unity ready to test

The heart of the Raptor 2.1

As many of our customers can understand, we are eager to deploy the FOCBOX Unity for the first time ever in the Raptor 2.1, which we estimate to be available August onwards.

Since all our initial prototyping for the FOCBOX Unity has been completed, we're excited to be announcing that we've moved into the sampling phase of production for this part.

Once ready, these will be sent out to 15 experienced beta testers from the e-sk8 community. We're thrilled to have the Unity finally put through its paces, and we're confident that we're going to hear great reports about its robust design and increased capabilities.

We'll share what they discovered about the Unity in upcoming Newsletters, as well as our Youtube channel.

Rebate to Wait

Still haven't been awarded your bonus credit?

Sorry! We anticipated getting all of these processed by this Monday, but our team are still working on manually processing this for all of our amazing customers. These should be completed in the next 24 hours, so please check your accounts.

We're pleased to see so many of our customers already using their store credit to buy accessories for their Raptor 2 as well as extra warranty, making full use of their bonus offer.

If you still haven't received your store credit within 24 hours of receiving this email, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Support team, and they'll be glad to assist you in checking your credit status.

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