Enertion Newsletter - V1.3

1st Jun 2018

FOCBOX stock

Some customers may have noticed recently that the FOCBOX motor controller was out of stock for several days on our website. 


Although we encountered yet another shortage of MOSFET supply to our manufacturer for this part, we're pleased to announce that we've overcome this hurdle, and FOCBOX are now back in stock and available for immediate shipping. 

Production update

110 complete boards are in the process of being boxed, ready to send to our forwarder to dispatch to our next set of Raptor 2 customers by this Friday. These will be organised for delivery as soon as possible, although please be aware that tracking numbers may not be available for these until after the 9th June.


The production team is aiming to build a minimum of 250 boards before the end of June, which will mark our largest production run to date. This will enable us to clear all outstanding orders from 2017, leaving only orders from 2018 to be fulfilled from that point.

Retainer plates

In the first issue of the Enertion Newsletter series, we showed design drawings of the aluminium base plate, which is designed to help keep the battery lid tab from dislodging, which was something that could potentially happen with some of our heavier riders. All boards from this batch forward will include this part.

Anyone having issues with their battery lid displacing can contact customer support for this fix.

Fig. 1 - How the battery lid looks with the new aluminium retainer plate installed

Fig. 2 - A side-profile view of the aluminium retainer plate. Note, the base plate screws have not been fully installed in this image, as the plate is put into its final position before tightening these.

Further wheel testing

Our production team has continued to test the outwheel samples since the last report - in addition to this, extra samples were sent to Jason in the Gold Coast so he could ride them hard and have the final say on proceeding with the manufacture of wheels. These are to be used for upcoming June skateboard production, and will also be the same wheel stock that is sent to any customers from previous batches who've experience faulty wheels.

Fig. 3 - The left wheel uses the old formula, the right wheel uses the new formula

Fig. 4 - The outwheels, after the completion of testing, do not show signs of early degradation, cracking or chipping.


All screws have now been replaced with new stainless steel screws that have been treated with black oxide electro-plating, to preserve the stealth look of the R2, whilst ensuring these components do not rust.

During testing, we identified an issue with our old screws potentially breaking through the use of excessive force on the screws, so we've now added our required torque settings for all our screws into the assembly procedure to avoid this type of problem.

Fig. 5 - One of the new stainless steel, black-oxidised electroplated screws

Battery lid seals

As mentioned before, the seal in the battery box lid has undergone several variations that have led us to the latest, final iteration of the seal. As promised, we are now ready to begin shipping these out to existing Raptor 2 customers, at no cost to the end user.

Fig. 6 - This is where the old seal needs to be removed, and the new seal installed.

If you currently have a Raptor 2, and would like to be sent the new seal, please complete this form, and we'll get one sent out to you in the next week or so.

Although we wanted to send all our customers their seals using their details directly from our database, we realise that some customers may have changed address since they received their Raptor 2, so we thought this was the most ideal way to ensure that everyone can get their updated seals sent to the correct address.

Introducing... Raptor 2.1

As we've now sold out of both Batch 1 and Batch 2 of the Raptor 2, we're delighted to announce that any new orders will be part of Batch 3, which will mark the introduction of the Raptor 2.1 to the market!

It will include all of the upgrades that have happened so far in design changes, as well as feature the new FOCBOX Unity motor controller.

Fig. 7 - The new FOCBOX unity PCB

Fig. 8 - A render of the proposed casing

Constantly responding the consumer feedback, and consistently striving to refine and improve the Raptor 2 have been our mantras since the inception of the product. We will never rest until the product is as good as we can make it.

I'm not part of batch 3 but I want the new stuff!

If you are not part of the 3rd batch (i.e. your order was placed before the end of May), and you would prefer to receive the Raptor 2.1 instead of the Raptor 2, all you need to do is contact our 24/7 customer support team and let them know you'd like to be part of batch 3 instead. Please be aware however, that Batch 3 deliveries are not due for shipping till after August.

The Raptor 2 Replacement program

After exceptional feedback post-launch of the "Rebate to wait" Enertion Loyalty program, we're thrilled to announce that yet another amazing initiative is in the works!

We are aware that some customers have had issues with their Raptors, and that although we've tried to help them in numerous ways by sending them spare parts, or getting their board fixed at a repair agent, the turnaround times have been less than ideal, due mainly to spare parts availability.

Although the details of this have not been finalised as of yet, we can share that essentially it provides a pathway for customers to get a brand new Raptor 2 if their unit has shown significant failures over time, or if it means that a customer will get a swifter resolution than if we waited to send them new parts.

Look out for more details in the upcoming weeks!

Rebate to Wait

If you placed your Raptor 2 order as a guest, and don't have an official Enertion account, don't worry - you are still eligible for store credit via the Rebate to Wait program!

Simply create an account on our website, and contact our 24/7 customer support team, and they will ensure you get any credit that is owed to you.

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