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Published by Enertion on 3rd Jun 2019

Firmware Update

FOCBOX Unity / Raptor 2.1

FOCBOX UI (Android)
FOCBOX UI (Windows)

We'll always send you updated versions of the Unity firmware as we improve it over time. Please ensure you always run your Unity with the latest firmware, as it may contain both performance enhancements in addition to minor bug fixes.

This update should be applied to all devices which use the FOCBOX Unity motor controller. You will currently need access to an android device or windows PC to perform this update.

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Retail news

Product News

Raptor 2.1


That's right, Raptor Riders can rejoice!

Our May/June batch has been scheduled to finish final QC before the last week of June, which will see many Raptors heading out to their new owners right as Summer begins in the northern hemisphere.

All current pre-order customers who have not received tracking for their order yet should log into their Enertion store accounts to check that their shipping information is 100% up to date and accurate.

Parts and Accessories


We've received part of our latest shipment, with the remainder due over the next 2 weeks. Stock from this batch will cover all orders placed prior to the 15th May. All stock from this batch has now been allocated.

Current pre-orders are for our NEXT Unity batch, which is due to drop by the end of July. They will be available in limited supply, so get your pre-order in today!


We're finally excited to announce the new, improved version of our wheels that we've been working so hard to achieve!

These new wheels are available for pre-order once again on our website, and are due to become available as follows:

  • 90mm and 97mm wheel - June 7th
  • 90mm and 97mm outwheel - mid June - mid July
  • 100mm wheel and outwheel - mid June - mid July

We'll be trying to get these out as quick as possible once we receive them. If your order contains both wheels and outwheels, we may send out shipments in parts depending on availability.


These will become available again from 15th June. Chargers will now come standard with EU, US and AU plus adapters. Chargers ordered from the store can have the region option chosen.



2019 Enertion World Tour!

To celebrate our official launch into Retail stores in Europe and North America, Enertion are once again embarking on a very special World Tour!

Fatdaddy (EU), Filipacchi (NY), Last Mile (SF), and Boarder Labs (Vancouver) will be among the stops on our 2019 Raptor Ruckus tour! We've never been so pumped, now that were on the verge of clearing out all our backorders and have stock on shelves at major retail outlets!

The feedback from stores so far we've had so far is crazy positive, with riders in all of these locations finally being able to test out the raw untamed power of the beast for themselves. In conjunction with these stores, well be hosting awesome events with even better giveaways, and free food and drink for all!. Come meet the Enertion team, hang out and share your esk8 tales of adventure and glory.

What's New!

On the Horizon

We've been developing something special behind the scenes, and we're stoked to announce that we're developing the next generation of the Nano X hand controller!

Keeping the same form factor as a base, but with a reimagined design, a super premium luxury feel, all-new circuitry and functionality, this next-gen remote will be the dream controller for the esk8 rider who demands precision, style, and above all else, unprecedented sensitivity, control and reliability.

Check out the sneek peak below!

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