Enertion Updates May 2019

Published by Enertion on 8th May 2019


FOCBOX UI (Android)
FOCBOX UI (Windows)

The latest downloads for FOCBOX Unity users are out for Android and Windows. We're also in the process of compiling these for Apple users, so we are expecting it to be available shortly - stay tuned!

Future app development

(For Android and YES, iOS!)

Our developers are working on new Android and iOS software, designed from the ground up, and based around YOUR very own suggestions! A massive thank you to all of you who completed our esk8 app survey - we truly think that the needs identified by the heart of the community will result in the most complete app we've ever seen. While we can't possibly include EVERY feature that was mentioned (as much as we'd like to), we'll be including almost all of the features that were in high-demand (or just that we thought were too cool not to include.)

Both versions are well under way, with release due before the end of 2019. We look forward to bringing you more reveals about the progress soon.

Raptor 2.1

...We're almost there!!

With this latest batch going out, more than 200 new Raptor 2.1 owners are either about to receive or have already received their sexy new boards!

Our next batch is due to drop around the end of May/start of June, and we're super stoked to announce that we'll be sending out ALL remaining pre-orders with this batch, just in time for Summer!

Emails have been re-sent to customers whose orders are ready for shipping, in order to double-confirm delivery addresses. Please look out for these in your inboxes! 

Parts and Accessories


The demand for our exciting new motor controller has only been rising and rising since its launch late last year, and we're doing our best to keep up with this insane demand!

Although our next batch was due to drop during April, we now expect that we'll receive part of our next drop during May, with the remainder to come during June. We know it's a tough wait - but from all the reports from users so far, the Unity has far exceeded expectation - so we thank your patience while we get our next batch ready.

There is extremely limited stock yet to be allocated, so get in now if you need your Unity before the end of June!


A few months ago, we had to pull our remaining wheel stock from the shelves, as some users informed us of issues with wheel concentricity. As a result, we have been working tirelessly with our wheel factory in order to find the root cause for this issue - finally, after some time, they were able to ascertain that the mold plugs needed to be remade in order for the wheels to have the concentricity that our customers demand.

We've received samples thus far of the 90mm and 97mm wheels, and these have proven to be successful. We are currently awaiting the delivery of the entirely new batch of these, which are due in the next week. However, we will again be testing these using a 3rd party, in order to confirm that the wheels are within our specification before we ship them out. Although we know this may add some further delay to wheels becoming available again, we think it's the right move, to ensure that customers get the best possible wheels for their Raptors.

We expect to have limited stock of 90mm and 97mm wheels back in stock before the middle of May (assuming they pass our criteria), with 90mm and 97mm outwheels to follow shortly thereafter.

100mm wheels and outwheels are still undergoing evaluation, but are expected back in stock before the end of June.

These are due back in stock at the end of May.


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