Enertion Newsletter - Volume 10 Issue 1

16th Feb 2019

Firmware Update

FOCBOX Unity / Raptor 2.1

Complete User Guide and Download

We have been extensively testing how our temperature sensors in our motors interact with the FOCBOX Unity to ensure they are as accurate as possible, and changes to the Unity's firmware have been made to ensure that the motor temp sensors are reading the correct value.

We have also optimised the thermal cutoffs to allow your motors to run at a lower temperature, while keeping the performance you expect from a Raptor. We have released more aggressive improvements on this firmware update than on any previous and our tests confirm that performance has been improved significantly.

These improvements have been tested in the field to allow your motors to have maximum lifespan and performance.

The IOS version of the app is still under development, and we look orward to sharing news about it in the upcoming months. Until then, these users can connect to a PC or android device temporarily to update their firmware. We apologise for any inconvenience caused!

This update is for both Raptor 2.1 owners and ALL FOCBOX Unity users.


Raptor 2.1

Our remaining pre-order shipments will be staggered through the remainder of this month, through March and April, as more and more boards are completed and passed through final QC each week. For further information about your order in particular, please reach out to our 24/7 live chat, and our agents will happily assist you.

We'll also be sending out emails to the next customers in each batch pending delivery, in order to double-confirm order addresses prior to shipping. Please look out for these in your inboxes! 

Parts and Accessories

We've been busy developing test jigs to deploy for en masse wheel testing. We will be undertaking full audits of wheel stock that was residing at our forwarder beginning this week, which will result in resumption of shipments for all wheels which pass testing in the upcoming week.

We're still on track to begin shipments of 2nd batch Unity orders from the first week in March.

Drive Kits
A handful of kits are still on offer, but once this stock is exhausted, we don't expect to have these available again until later this year.


What do I do if i'm not going to be home to receive a shipment?

Why isn't my tracking number updating?

Raptor goes retail!

In exciting news for 2019,

We're pleased to officially announce that we've partnered with leading EU electric skateboard retailer, Fatdaddy, and that soon the Raptor 2.1 will be available to demo and purchase in store!

Although stock will be available in limited numbers only to begin with, we're super stoked that e-skaters all over Europe will be able to try out the Raptor for themselves, and be able to take one home that very day!

With further expansion planned into North America later this year, we're excited to be able to let more and more people finally try the beast that is the Raptor!


Competition Extended to the end of Feb!

This is your last chance to get your build posts in!

We've given people some extra time to get their builds finished up and posted onto the electric-skateboard.builders forum. We've seen some great entries so far, and look forward to seeing some more before the month is out!

If you've got yourself a R-SPEC Drive Kit, and haven't entered yet, now's your chance - you can check out the full details of the competition

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