Are you still making wheels?

Published by Enertion on 13th May 2019



(It’s just taking a lot longer than expected to get our factory up to scratch.)

We know it’s been FAR too long now that wheels haven’t been available on our site, and we’re sorry about that!

A few months ago now, we temporarily suspended all sales of wheels due to suspected inconsistency of wheel concentricity with our last batch of wheels. Although we had intended to get this issue resolved in a matter of weeks, it’s been a major battle that’s taken several months to see results. However, we finally have new information to share, and we’re optimistic about the future of our wheels!

We've found the basis of this problem to be associated with our previous urethane wheel molds. These have been remade to our specifications and we've received samples that have successfully passed our newer, more stringent QC checks. Production of our brand new batches of wheels has begun, and is due to become available as follows.

The first of these due back in stock are 90mm and 97mm front wheels. These are currently undergoing OQC, and are due to have IQC checked upon receipt, so as to use every means possible to ensure the quality of our wheels heading to customers. These extensive QC protocols mean we're about 2 weeks away from stock being available again.

Next due are 90mm outwheels, which we expect around the start of next month, along with their 97mm counterparts.

100mm mold modifications are scheduled to be performed over the next 2 weeks, with samples testing in 4 weeks and production in 6 weeks.

Long-term, we're also committed to producing the best possible wheels we can for the Raptor series of boards, and we've been busy testing new formula to improve our wheels’ resistance to wear and provide a more comfortable ride at the same time. You might have seen different coloured wheels in some of our promo shots - it's been us testing these!

We've always tried to stay true to our ethos of constant improvement, and our wheel formula will definitely be updated - but only once sampling has completed, and we're 100% satisfied that our wheels will provide an exceptional ride experience. We anticipate new formula being available Q3-Q4, pending our test results.

We especially thank all our riders for their patience waiting for improved ride quality - we're 100% focused on making sure that all our wheels meet your expectations. 

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