Electric Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

When it comes to selecting a wheel for building your own electric skateboard at home you want a quality thane with high speed predictable performance.

The enertion PowerWheels have been formulated for performance featuring a plastic molded core that reduces weight and provides a solid foundation to prevent high speed deformation occurring when powering through corners.

The Enertion PowerWheel Electric Skateboard Wheels are great quality at an affordable price. These wheels are perfect for building an electric skateboard because the hollow core is designed to allow the drive train pulley to be bolted it with six bolts to guarantee maximum torque transfer when accelerating & braking.

The enertion electric skateboard drive wheel pulley is also compatible with ABEC 11 Flywheels which are regarded as one of the best skateboard wheels of all time.

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