Enertion Newsletter - Volume 8 Issue 1

5th Dec 2018

Raptor 2.1

The first 2.1s are away!

We're excited that our pilot run of around 50 Raptor 2.1s has been successful, and these are currently en route to some of our earliest supporters, having deferred their orders to receive the Raptor 2.1.

Our December production run of 200 boards will account for all orders placed prior to July-August 2018.

All remaining Raptor 2.1 orders from September 2018 to date will be fulfilled by the end of January.

ALL NEW: R-Spec Drive Kit

Builders, REJOICE!

Designed for the discerning DIY builder, the parents who want to build awesome stuff with their kids, and those who just can't handle the Raptor 2.1's handles,

the Enertion R-Spec Drive Kit allows you to harness all the power of the Raptor 2.1's insanely massive hub motors!

Parts and Accessories

90mm front wheels back in stock!

FINALLY! We're happy to announce that our 90mm stock front wheels are now in stock and available for purchase.

Now's a great chance to get in and stock up on your Raptor 2 spare wheels - we know a lot of riders have been waiting on these bad boys for quite some time, so stock will sell out!

New wheel formula

At Enertion, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, and wheels are no exception. Although our current formula has proven to be very stable and quite hard-wearing, we know that every rider is different, and we want riders to have the option of softer wheels.

The current timeline for development of these new formula wheels is 3-4 months while we perfect the formula, so look out for these around Q1-Q2 2019!



FOCBOX Unity shipping

We are currently processing FOCBOX Unity orders, and should have all first-batch orders sent out within the next 7 days.

Please note: Second batch of Unity is not due to begin shipping until after Feb 2019. Don't miss out a second time!


Show us what you got!

Community is the beating heart of the esk8 community, and we are happy to announce our esk8 Builder's competition - we're super excited to see what kind of crazy builds we're going to see utilising the new R-SPEC Drive Kit!

If you placed your pre-order prior to 1st December 2018, you're eligible to participate in the competition! So strap on your creative brains and click the image above to see more details!

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