Enertion Newsletter - Volume 7 Issue 1

9th Nov 2018

Raptor 2 Shipping

We're pleased to announce that despite a handful of stragglers, ALL of our original Raptor 2 orders have now been shipped out! 

The few remaining Raptor 2 customers will have their orders automatically upgraded to Raptor 2.1, and be placed in queue accordingly (to order number).

Scroll down for more information about Raptor 2.1's production timeline.


Parts and Accessories stock

FOCBOX - limited availability

Time to finish those builds!

With the official production of the Unity under way and due to begin shipping out before the end of the month, We are currently selling our final batch of FOCBOX that we'll have for the foreseeable future.

So now's the time to get in and pick one up while they're still available!

In stock and available for immediate shipping!



Wheels - coming soon!!

97mm / 100mm / 90mm

97mm front wheels and 100mm front wheels are soon to be back in stock. Look out soon for more news on any wheels not currently in stock.

FAQ of the day

Do i need to put in my phone number when placing an order?

YES, you need to include your phone number on your order, whether you check out as a registered user or a guest. We recommend that you create a user account for greater account flexibility.

Your phone number is required as carriers may need to contact you in order to complete your shipment. If your order information is incomplete, we will require this information prior to your order being sent.

Raptor World Tour

Final events go off with resounding success!

A massive THANK YOU to all those that turned out to our events, in both the EU and US. It's awesome to see how strong the e-sk8 community continues to be, and how it's constantly growing and changing.

We couldn't have pulled off any of these events without all the riders involved, so whether you brought your own DIY monster, your own favourite brand, or crazy unicycle, we're just super happy you came to be a part of things!


FOCBOX Unity production in progress

Jason, Charles and Jeff, our 2 Enertion engineers, will be headed to China in the next few days to oversee final Unity production, and to implement new testing jigs. Manufacturing of all sub-components is either complete or under way, so we expect to be able to get this batch of Unity finished within the next 30 days.

Less than a 100 Unity remain from this first batch! Remember to order now if you want to receive a Unity this year!

Second batch of Unity not due to begin shipping until after Feb 2019.

When will R2.1 production start?

Along with FOCBOX Unity, we're also in the midst of producing the Raptor 2.1's e-tray. We are aiming for these to be available for testing and usage while Jason and Enertion's engineering team are in China.

The current plan is to begin production of a small pilot run of Raptor 2.1s during the last few days of next week. Time will be spent showing our factory new assembly and testing methods, and ensuring that processes are in place so that we know we can confidently produce boards that we're proud of, and you love.

Following that, we'll be ramping up over Nov/Dec/Jan, and are aiming to have all current orders cleared by January at latest.

We again would like to take the time to thank everyone for their patience and support! We know it's been an incredibly long trip for a lot of you, and we're so excited to be able to get the Raptor 2.1 into rider's hands very soon!

What's that? A new hanger, you say?

If you haven't seen it yet, the new-look rear hanger of the Raptor 2.1 appears rather formidable. A new design, still made using CNC from billet aluminium, incorporates a integrated copper heat pipe aiding heat dispersion from the cores of the motors. This heat is then radiated off quickly by the Patented Stati-Cool rear hanger finned design.

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