Enertion Newsletter - V3.1

6th Jul 2018



The last of our June batch has been organised for delivery by our forwarder, and we are awaiting tracking information for these currently.

EU Customs problems

Some of our customers located in EU countries are currently experiencing extensive delays in receiving their shipments from the first half of June, for which we apologise.

Our forwarder has informed us that the customs departments for these zones has been examining these shipments with the utmost stringency, which has caused the extra waiting time.

However, these shipments are due to clear customs from Tuesday onwards next week, and we have been told that from this point, they should take only 1-3 days to reach our customers.

EOFYS Orders

Thank you to those who placed orders during our crazy EOFY sale!

We have received word from our forwarder that we should have all these orders cleared by the start of next week. It's been quite a mammoth task clearing all these orders, but they should be on their way shortly. Expect tracking information next week.

If you order included one or more FOCBOX

We have received some FOCBOX from our manufacturer, and expect to receive more later next week. If you placed your EOFYS order and it includes one or more FOCBOX, this may cause another week's delay in this shipment.




As previously mentioned, July's targets are unfortunately going to be much lower than originally anticipated.

We currently have a bottleneck in the supply of motors, so at this stage, we're going to assume the worst, and only bank on completing 50 Raptor 2s during July.


Since July production will most likely not exceed the above estimate, we have bumped the production schedule from July into August, where we are aiming to build 250 boards.

If this run is completed successfully, we will have cleared all orders placed up to March 2018.


FOCBOX Unity - the next stages!

We have Unity alpha test units currently headed to our engineer for final testing and programming before we send these out to our beta testers.

Jason's also installed one of these into his test board, and has been riding successfully with no hiccups so far! Full reports to come soon!

Finding a new point of balance - R2.1 DECK test

It's a little rudimentary, but our preliminary testing with the new position of the handles on the Raptor 2.1 deck is encouraging! (Yes, we know it's not a real handle in the picture).

We're pretty certain that it's going to provide a much better experience when grabbing and holding the Raptor 2.1 by the handles!

Raptor Flight-friendly Batteries

Some of you may have seen us working on a smaller, 159Wh battery pack for the Raptor 2(and 2.1)! We're excited to be developing this for our customers to be able to really fly with their Raptors.

Raptor 2 Platinum 2 year warranty


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