• 17th Dec 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - Volume 8 Issue 2

    ShippingFOCBOX Unity ships out!This week saw the eagerly-awaited FOCBOX Unity start to land in customer's hands! We are ecstatic to see the community reaction to the next-generation of electronic moto…

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  • 5th Dec 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - Volume 8 Issue 1

    Raptor 2.1The first 2.1s are away!We're excited that our pilot run of around 50 Raptor 2.1s has been successful, and these are currently en route to some of our earliest supporters, having deferred th…

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  • 9th Nov 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - Volume 7 Issue 1

    Raptor 2 ShippingWe're pleased to announce that despite a handful of stragglers, ALL of our original Raptor 2 orders have now been shipped out! The few remaining Raptor 2 customers will have thei…

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  • 7th Oct 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - Volume 6 Issue 1

    Raptor 2 ShippingThe vast majority of boards from this last batch of 250 have been completed, and have been sent to our forwarder to be arranged for final shipment. Most of our waiting Raptor 2 custom…

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  • 2nd Sep 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - V5.1

    The China Wrap-UpPart 2 of our Enertion China documentaryAs most of you know, the Enertion team have spent the last 2 weeks in China with the objective to audit and improve QC processes at the manufac…

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  • 6th Aug 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - V4.1

    SHIPPINGEU Customs situationWe have not yet received confirmation that these packages have been released by customs, and have asked for the goods to return to HK. This should occur within a week.We ex…

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  • 23rd Jul 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - V3.3

    SHIPPINGEU Customs situationWe have made the decision to extract these units from their current location Czechia, where they have been held up in customs for the previous month. In retrospect, we may…

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  • 13th Jul 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - V3.2

    SHIPPINGEU Customs problemsWe are aware that EU shipments are still held up in customs - unfortunately there's not a lot we can do at this point but wait. Our forwarder has been in contact with the re…

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  • 6th Jul 2018

    Enertion Newsletter - V3.1

    SHIPPINGRAPTOR 2The last of our June batch has been organised for delivery by our forwarder, and we are awaiting tracking information for these currently.EU Customs problemsSome of our customers locat…

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