Electric Skateboard Pulley & Belt Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

When it comes to building your own electric skateboard at home you need to use high quality componentry, having the best performing electric skateboard relies on a high performance drive train. At Enertion we have developed our own range of belts & pulleys that perform to the high standard we demand.

At enertion boards we believe building your own electric skateboard at home should be about achieving greatness in quality, performance & reliability. It should not mean you have to sacrifice & use inferior quality components. The enertion HTD 5mm Pitch Pulleys are made from hardened steel so they won't wear out & the belts are made using durable polymers to extend service life. We also offer Performance pulley sets so you can completely customize your eboard performance.

Learn More about designing an optimized electric skateboard drive train HERE

At EnertionBoards.com we have manufactured the best quality pulleys & belts and offer them at reasonable prices. 

Only with quality parts can you achieve great results.

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