Electric Skateboard Motor Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

When I first started building my own electric skateboards (before I started enertionboards.com) I didn't know much about motors. It has taken well over a year of reading, testing & experimenting to better understand the engineering that goes into a quality motor.

Just over a year ago I wrote an article called: electric skateboard motor buying guide | brushless outrunner performance test  It was comparing the two motors that I was normally using for my builds, the reason I was using them at the time is because they where cheap & readily available.

Well now they are not so cheap due to price rises and also I realised they are not so good either. 

Back then I was also fixated on getting the lightest weight motor I could, but the more you learn about motors the more you realise that lightweight tends to be the opposite of what makes a good motor. Generally speaking the heavier the motor for its size the better. Because the heavier it is the more likely it has a bigger stator, more copper mass & bigger magnets.

The problem with motors from the hobby store is they are made to a price which means they are not built with the absolute best quality parts and the extra time needed to finely tune & balance the motors is not taken.

So after lots of testing I have found a motor that truly lives up to my expectations and therefore we no longer recommend buying motors from the hobby store. 

The R-SPEC is the best electric skateboard motor available for builders of electric skateboards. With computer balance barrel & stators, high grade silicone steal stator to minimize losses with high temp rare earth material magnets and computer-machine wound copper windings you cannot beat R-SPEC Motors.

R-SPEC motors leave the hobby motors in the dust, Choose a custom made R-SPEC Electric Skateboard Motor for your next build and never buy another motor.

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