Electric Skateboard Battery Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

Building your own electric skateboard at home can be complex, especially if your trying to achieve a professional finish for your build. Most builders of electric skateboards start out fairly basic using a mish-mash of hobby parts & batteries designed for RC cars. 

Check out the video I made explaining the challenges of using Hobby Parts.

One of the steepest learning curves you will experience with your first eboard build is related to connecting all the electronics together to get a board that works reliably & looks good. In many cases just trying to route the wiring neatly is enough to send most first time builders crazy.

At EnertionBoards.com we knew there must be a better solution, so we created the Best Electric Skateboard battery we possible could.

We believe building your own electric skateboard at home should be about achieving greatness in quality, performance & reliability. The S.P.A.C.E Cell Electric Skateboard Battery is a complete solution for the at home eboard builder. It has all the critical elements built into it. Such as, On/Off Switch, Power Gauge, Smart Protection Circuit & Simple One Plug Charger.

Building at home should not mean you have to sacrifice & use inferior quality components, Your goal should be about creating a product that is far superior than anything available on the market. Only you know what the Best Electric Skateboard is. 

At EnertionBoards.com we provide the best Li-ion battery technology available at reasonable prices to use on your next eboard build.

It also comes with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world.

Only with quality parts can you achieve great results.

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