Electric Skateboard Accessories Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

When it comes to building your own electric skateboard at home you need to use high quality componentry, having the best performance electric skateboard motors or high quality electric skateboard trucks is not the complete story, Your drive for building the best quality electric skateboard should also filter down to the "Nuts & Bolts" 

At enertion boards we believe building your own electric skateboard at home should be about achieving greatness in quality, performance & reliability. It should not mean you have to sacrifice & use inferior quality components, Your goal should be about creating a product that is far superior than the glut of mass marketed "complete" electric skateboards you buy off the shelf at the local shop.

At EnertionBoards.com we have hand picked a range of high quality parts & accessories at reasonable prices to use on your next eboard build. Purchase all the skateboard hardware & accessories you need, such as hardened steel deck bolts, precision bearings, shock-dampening trucks risers, thread locker & more.

Only with quality parts can you achieve great results.

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