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8th May 2015

Building your first electric skateboard can be very challenging, especially if you don't have previous experience with RC gear. Most DIY'rs turn to Remote Control Hobby Stores when sourcing the parts required to build an electric skateboard this mostly due to low ticket prices and large inventories.

In the recent past, if you wanted to build an eboard you would normally use LIPO batteries from the hobby store and join them in series or parallel to get the desired voltage & capacity.

The biggest problem with using RC parts & RC Batteries is they are not designed for electric skateboards. They will generally have to be modified in some way to work, so be prepared to get out your soldering iron and draw your schematic diagrams as it can get very confusing and you can easily solder stuff together the wrong way permanently destroying it! Also if you're not an avid hobbyist you will probably also have to buy lots of other tools, accessories & parts to build your own custom solution.

"The truth is hobby stuff is very cheap! but not necessarily good value"

Another common reason people will use Hobby stuff is becasue they think it is better value! The truth is hobby stuff is very cheap! but not necessarily good value. In the long run you could spend more on trying to make hobby stuff work in your application then you would have spent buying a custom made solution. In other words it can be a false economy.

The graphic illustration below is showing the comparison of building your own 12S LIPO with Voltage meter & On/off switch -VS- buying the Custom Made Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell. The prices listed for parts may vary up or down slightly depending where you buy from.

Best Electric Skateboard Battery

* Prices displayed on info graphic are in USD

So after years of trialing all different types of battery options, not to mention my dislike for soldering, I realized the best & only option was to manufacture a custom made electric skateboard battery. Finding the best battery chemistry in the correct form factor was the first challenge. I needed a battery that was idiot proof and very forgiving, it also needed to be ultrathin so it can mount discretely under any skateboard deck.

So finally I settled with the 18650 format, this cell is very popular in the 'vaping' scene as they are compact, only 18mm diameter and pack a decent punch for the size!... They are also available in high discharge versions which is great for eboards and ultimately what I chose to use in the best electric skateboard battery.

So what is the Best Electric Skateboard Battery? 

Introducing the Enertion S.P.A.C.E... which technically is not just a battery, it is an advanced all-in-one solution for home made electric skateboard builders. It has built in micro electronics designed to manage the battery ensuring that it is always running & charging at the optimal output & input.

The S.P.A.C.E Cell has an all-in-one integrated design, it includes the BMS, the high AMP on/off switch, the Charge port & a voltage gauge for monitoring power levels.

"Finally you can throw away your soldering iron, 

bulky LIPO balance charger and all the other messy cables"

The two major advancements achieved with this battery are the built in voltage display & the power switch. Now you can easily check how much charge you have during your ride. When you stop you can power off the board with a press of a button. This stuff might sound like a standard feature! but surprisingly not... in the past you needed to purchase expensive & separate devices for measuring voltage and turning the system off and somehow solder it all together! Now it's all built-in so you just plug it in & go!

So lets talk SPECS:

> BMS is rated to peak output of 60AMP which is ample for use on electric skateboards.

> The Charge time is 3-4 hours & the charger is light & compact so easy to carry.

> The battery is 10S3P meaning it has a total of 30 Cells, 3 Parallel groups of 10 cells in series.  

> Battery Chemistry is Li-ion NMC - Cells are 18650 form factor.

> The Pack is 270Wh based on 36V nominal voltage. Approximately 1.5hrs run time on Dual motor Eboard.

> Total weight is only 1.8kg

> Dimension of 380mm X 140mm X 23mm

> Mains fast charger is 100-240v compatible & outputs 42v at 2A.

After months of testing & development it is now ready for sale.

The Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell is available now for pre-order! Lead time is approximately 30 Days!

Order Online Now for $329. 

Price includes free shipping of the Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell & Fast Charger anywhere in the world.


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