what is enertionboards.com?

what is enertionboards.com?

Published by jason potter on 5th Apr 2014

Maybe I'm getting old (I'm 31) Maybe I lazy.... 

But what I do know is that a few electric motors bolted to a skateboard or longboard is so much F%@king fun, the rush, the speed, the POWER!

The first time I stepped onto my own home built DIY eboard / electric skateboard I was SOLD on the concept!... There was no way I would ever push again!

Hi, my name is Jason I'am the founder of enertion boards & I hate to push.

I have come to realise I'm not the only one who hates to push! Most of my mates think my electric skateboard is the best thing they have seen since first laying eyes on the bare breasts of their high school girlfriend!

Even the bunch of 65 year old fellas down the local bowling club got a hard-on when they laid eyes on the Enertion Board BETA 0.2

After making everyone moist at the sight of my new toy & after hundreds of request from mates to ride the "weapon" I decided to offer a few of my closest mates the opportunity to own their own high tech, super fast, electric vehicle! Of course there would be a small fee to cover the parts & a carton of beer to cover my time.... So I bought some extra parts and got busy making a few more electric longboards.

Well I soon came to realise that making these boards was a pain in the arse! nothing was simple when it came to build a decent DIY electric skateboard. The parts had to be sourced from all over the world! and they were not cheap!

Not to mention trying to figure out how it all fits together neatly, it took several days to build the first board, and only a few hours to build the next few.... so I was getting better at it building them, but it still wasn't easy... there had to be a better way!

I kept doing research looking at ways to build the boards so they were lighter, faster, stronger, cheaper and more fun to ride..... I ended up designing lots of the gear from scratch, I taught myself how to use the latest 3D modelling software and got familiar with manufacturing aluminium CNC'd parts, simply because most of the things I wanted were not available off the shelf! and if they were, already available, they were just rubbish quality and prone to snapping due to the massive POWER.

After several months of testing & beer drinking (my mates beers) I think I have nearly perfected the art of DIY electric skateboards.

Then It struck me one day when I was sitting on the toilet.... everyone else deserves the opportunity to experience this rush of pure adrenaline! That's the day EnertionBoards.com was created.

So fellow efficiency of movement enthusiasts (read: 'people who hate to push') from around the world please come to my shop & buy all the parts you need to convert your non-powered hunk-o-maple-crap-skateboard into a powered weapon and make the 65 year old dudes at the local watering hole wet themselves. 

What I trying to say is If you want to buy parts to build an electric longboard go to my website and buy it all from the same place at a great price with confidence that once its put together it will just work!...  or if you couldn't be stuffed building one from scratch you will soon be able to buy the complete enertion board and I'll hand craft your weapon for you!


Click link below here to buy or just browse the range of products available to build your own electric eboard


Want to be kept up to date with the latest developments sign up to our fan list here: http://eepurl.com/RmTvz

P.S. they are so cool your dog will want one!

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