building your own electric skate board is easy with enertion eboard propulsion kits

Published by jason potter on 14th Apr 2014

The enertion propoulsion kits are the ultimate all-in-one mechanical DIY electric skateboard kits. When you buy the enertion kits you are guaranteed to save lots of your hard earned dollars and many hours of your life because we have done all the fancy engineering & calculating of ratios for you. 

Now you can spend your bonus time helping old ladies recover their purses by running down petty thieves on your high speed electric eboard.


At enertion boards we believe - life’s too short to push! 

Our mission statement:

Design a high-tech, high-quality, eboard solution

that requires minimal technical ability to install for an affordable price.


So after hundreds of hours researching, building and testing our own eboards using the few existing products already available on the market, we realized that it is way too difficult & massively complicated to build your own high quality & reliable power boosted board that is always ready to go whenever you are.

What we soon realized is that many of the existing ‘solutions’ on the market just didn't meet our demands, or our expectations, not to mention the only available options were over-priced and under-engineered! If we have learned anything about riding really-fast-electric-longboards you need to have the best kit available.

So when you decide it is your time to own the streets on a really fast electric longboard you should really only consider using the latest & greatest of super high quality eboard kits. 

introducing the enertion propulsion kits 3, 2 & 1

electric skateboard kit 3 $179


electric skateboard kit 2 $349


electric skateboard kit 1 $499


what makes enertion DIY electric skateboard kits so awesome


enertion propulsion components are made from 7075-T6 aluminium, the same stuff that is used to manufacture M16 rifles, weapon of choice of the American military.

The enertion cantilever is stronger & thicker than any other motor mount available, the cantilever is precision milled from a single piece of 20mm thick 7075-T6 aluminium bar.


The clamping strength of enertion motor mounts are far superior than alternative single-sided motor mount clamps. This is due to the double barrel M6 steel bolted clamp design which delivers full seating torque & uniform distribution of forces around the circumference of the truck hanger.

The two-piece double barrel clamp design allows fast installation of the cantilever without the need to remove wheel & bearing assembly from the truck axle.


The enertion mount won't move! - Rock solid drive axle & pulley alignment due to triangular clamping geometry. Your eboard drivetrain must maintain perfect alignment to ensure that acceleration & braking performance is of the highest level, with poor alignment the longevity of your drivetrain components are diminished and your reliability is affected.

Enertion Protection System. If you ride anything like we do, there is zero terrain  (except large bodies of water) you won't consider traversing to get where you want to be, the problem with this attitude is your mechanical components & electrical components eventually get trashed! Enertion Protection System is a synergy of parts & component design features seamlessly integrated to protect vital componentry allowing you to ride wherever you want. 


The oversized bulk-head design of the clamp is a critical element of the EPS (enertion protection system) The over-extended structure provides impact protection for the wheel hub pulley & timing belt ensuring that your teeth don’t get smashed on the unforgiving tarmac which you choose to ride.

The dual rear drive propulsion system is equipped with an enertion bash plate. The bash plate is a core element of the EPS, it is 2.5mm thick aircraft grade aluminium that spans between each cantilever providing a rigid shield to protect your motors from flying debris.

The bash plate also offers structural cross bracing support to prevent torque flex when you are pumping the acceleration or braking hard, this minimizes stress and ensure perfect drive train alignment to maximise part longevity.  


The Drive Hub & Motor Pulley configuration is designed to provide superior slip prevention by utilising optimal teeth-in-mesh pulley centre distancing formulas which result in maximum power to the wheels & improved braking force.


Enertion Drive Hub utilizes six M6 bolts so assembly is quick & easy, all you need is a 5mm metric hex key, no hammering required!. With the ability to adjust six bolts independently this design allows you to achieve precise pulley balance & alignment which is critical for optimal performance  


The Drive Hub is also designed to be universal so you can retro-fit it to your existing longboard wheels, Using a specific bolt hole configuration you can easily adapt this part to fit securely your favourite wheels.

Quick belt tension adjustment. Belt tension is critical for the perfect eboard build, too loose and the teeth slip, too tight and the unnecessary forces on the components will eventually cause early failure of drive chain parts. Unlike other electric skateboard motor mounts the design of the enertion motor mount plate allows direct access to adjust timing belt tension without the need to remove wheel & bearing assembly from the truck axle.


We love not pushing, We also love going very fast on our electric vehicles and therefore we choose the magic drive-to-driven pulley ratio of 2.4 (with 270kv motors) which delivers blistering acceleration, eye watering top speed & ample torque to take you to the top of your highest climb.

Compatible with Caliber trucks. If you happen to already own a set of caliber trucks you're in luck because the the enertion motor cantilever & propulsion kits are designed to quickly assemble onto your existing trucks.


Beer & electric skateboards don't mix, but beer tastes awesome! so if you do ride your electric skateboard somewhere and find yourself drinking beer to celebrate how stoked you are with your electric eboard build make sure your not over the legal limit when you ride home. Drink driving is an offense.

when riding past the beach be careful of the hordes of bikini clad women vying for your attention because they think you are awesome... actually the truth is they think your eboard is awesome so be smart and take advantage of their infatuation and offer your favourite bikini babe a ride.



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