NEW 2015 KITS - A story about building the best & most affordable electric skateboard kits

17th May 2015

Hi DIY Eboarders of the world.

It has been just over a year since the first Enertion electric skateboard motor mounts were released to the public for sale, over this time we sold several hundred build your own electric skateboard kits across the globe. So thank you for your support so far..

During this time I have learned a lot about designing electric skateboard products & running business - all whilst juggling a 1 year old boy & being a stay at home dad!....I learned that Perfection is actually not achievable but constantly trying your hardest to achieve it is inevitably what each day consists of!.. crazy!. I learned that making customers ecstatic about my products & service is by far the hardest part, but most important part of business..... oh I also learned that answering emails with thoughtful responses takes a very long time!... I'm really glad I can do it on my phone when relaxing (on the toilet?!)

Over this time we also received priceless feedback from our awesome customers!

So If you have never worked with or met any designers let me tell you this, Designers are very passionate people... I have never met one that doesn't have a very personal connection to the things they create... & of course us designers think our designs are perfect in every way - who doesn't think this way about things they make, right?

...but as a designer & a business operator it is important to put the ego to one side and listen to the feedback you get from customers. It's important to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that there is always room for improvement!

So we listened to the feedback, took a deep breath, then got to work.. This is mostly what our customers had to say

> make it cheaper

> make shipping cheaper

> improve compatibility with bigger motors

> make it universal/swappable/flippable etc, so no left side - right side..

So we tried hard to do all the stuff they asked for, plus a bit more stuff!

A Summary of the Features & Benefits

> Carbon Fiber motor mount plates - Carbon fiber is stronger & lighter than aluminium & It looks awesome!

> Improved Belt Tensioning System. 50% Larger bolts with nylock nuts. We hate fiddling with tiny little screws as much as anyone.. So we made them bigger, they also have nuts with a nylon washer integrated to prevent loosening from vibrations.

> The motor mount design is reversible, mirrorable etc. So basically you can configure this however you want on any truck, front or back, left or right side.

> The motor can be angled up & down on the carbon fiber motor plate when tensioning the belt, this offers a few degrees of improved clearance for decks with a micro drop.

> We included some accessory mounting points for attaching things such as lights & bash plates.

> The accessory mounting points are actually "Dual Purpose" and can function as a second stage clamping system. The mounts come with some M4 size grub screws that can be screwed down to bite into the truck hanger... Why you ask? If you wanted to experiment mounting this onto different brand of trucks you now have the ability to lock it in position using the two additional clamping set screws. Say you have some old trucks with a circle shaped hanger, now you can lock the enertion motor mount onto a round shaped truck and it won't rotate due to torque forces.

> Cheaper Prices! all our kits have come down in price!

> Cheaper Shipping?? Shipping is now FREE as a limited offer!

We have 4 new Build your own electric skateboard kits available.

1. Single Motor Kit. Buy Now Online

This kit DOES NOT include skateboard hardware, you get the parts for mounting the motor only.

$168AUD - Approx $135USD

2. Single Motor Pro Kit. Buy Now Online

This kit DOES include the skateboard hardware, you get everything that is required "below-the-deck"

$348AUD - Approx $279USD

3. Dual Motor Kit. Buy Now Online 

This kit DOES NOT include skateboard hardware, you get the parts for mounting dual motors only.

$328AUD - Approx $266USD

4. Dual Motor Pro Kit. Buy Now Online

This kit DOES include the skateboard hardware, you get everything that is required "below-the-deck"

$488AUD - Approx $393USD


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