Best Electric Skateboard Motors for Speed & Torque | Most Powerful Direct Drive Motors 2019

17th Jan 2019

Are these the Most Powerful Hub Motors for Building DIY Electric Skateboards?

The truth of the matter is that motors alone do nothing! You need a Big Powerful Battery & High Current ESC.

So how do you build the most powerful direct drive electric skateboard?

You need to think about electric skateboard drive trains as a system, because the weakest link will always determine maximum performance. Pictured below are all the key components that join together to make a powerful drive train.

1. R-Spec Direct Drive Hub Motor Kit

2. Focbox Motor Controller

3. Space Cell Elite Battery

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5 Tips For Maximum Electric Skateboard Performance

  1. Current = Torque The more current you can put into the system the more torque you can generate at the wheel. This all relates to the specifications of your battery, generally speaking the bigger the battery the more power it can output. Of course you also need big motors & a motor controller, such as the FOCBOX UNITY, that is rated to handle the extremely high current. Battery performance is a pretty complex topic that we cannot cover in fine detail today, so we will simply say this, Watt Hours is king.
  2. Current + Load = Heat A byproduct of running high current is eventually heat losses, so you need to ensure your components are rated to work at high temps. The best direct drive motors will have built-in liquid cooling systems & passive heat dissipation systems. It's also a good idea to have built in safety limits to cut power if your system does get too hot. The Enertion R-SPEC motors are rated up to 150 degrees C & they also have built in thermistors that sends data back to the controller that is able to monitor the heat ensuring they don't cook. Motors with thermistors built-in must be paired with a compatible motor controller, such as the FOCBOX UNITY, which is programmed to understand the temperature data and make adjustments in real time. Please be careful as high performance motors may get hot enough to burn your skin yet still be within the safe working specifications, you would never touch the engine of a winning race car! 
  3. More Motors Adding more motors, think 4WD, will always improve performance of your electric skateboard. More motors doesnt mean more speed, it means more torque. The other way to say this is less load on each motor. This is a similar idea with big batteries, the more cells you have in each parallel group, the less strain each cell must endure. Same with motors! That is why the fastest Tesla Model S P100D has an extra motor & bigger battery when compared to the entry level Tesla Models. If you plan on racing your esk8 4WD is a huge advantage.
  4. Good Brakes So you like going fast? eventually you need to be able to stop. This requires a well tuned motor controller! It also helps having big direct drive motors, specifically because they don't rely on belts & pulleys that can skip-teeth or snap during hard deceleration. Most people don't realise that the force to stop movement is often greater than what is required to create movement, only the most robust belt drive systems can handle the forces required to stop a 100 kg payload rapidly. With a direct drive system there is nothing to fail as the brake is essentially an electromagnet! So no mechanical parts that must mesh together for brake to work, this means less maintenance & higher reliability. 4WD Direct drive electric skateboards will have amazing stopping power.
  5. Ride Safe High performance also means a higher risk of death or injury if you crash. Always wear your safety gear. Start with Full Face Helmet, Plus Shin, Elbow & Knee Protection! Only ride fast on private roads when there are no other people or cars in sight.


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