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"who is your daddy and what does he do?"

quote: Arnold Schwarzenegger

movie: kindergarten cop 1990


If you were to ask my newborn son this question (in an austrian accent of course) he would probably just stare at you, as you are probably the most amazing thing he has ever laid eyes on, then he would probably pop-out a fart and maybe spew a little. he's only 11 weeks old so what do you expect.

however, just for a moment, imagine he could actually answer you....


this is what he would say.

"my dad makes electric skateboards"


To date i have made a few complete eboards for mates and made many revisions of my own eboard setup. So far my mates think I am a genius (at least that's what I think they think) and everyone else who sees my electric vehicle creations love them too. The fact of the matter is i'm no genius i'm just a bloke that prefers not to push, i am also very stubborn have a passion for product design, system development and ecommerce & i will stop at nothing when i get my mind set on something.


Initially I started off using the electric skateboard parts that are already available on the market, the stuff i was initially using worked fairly well and before i knew it i was zooming around everywhere on my awesome electric vehicle.... but as time went on and riding hours accumulated problems started to occur!


Such as: Parts breaking, belts shredding, motors melting, speed controllers failing, brackets bending, projectiles flying off my board doing 48 Kms an hour!..... Now I'm not an idiot, i know perfectly well that skateboarding at high speeds is dangerous and i accept the risks, but when stuff starts flying off your board at high speed it becomes a public safety issue.


I soon realised that most of the stuff people are currently using to mount their propulsion gear to their boards just ain't strong enough, The amount of torque that is generated by these little outrunner motors is incredible!.... The mass of the parts attached to the truck hanger & the velocity at which they are driven in any given direction must be carefully considered.


momentum of an object is equal to the mass of the object times the velocity of the object.



Anyway enough physics mumbo jumbo… I’m not a rocket scientist but i played with lots of lego as a child and the one thing i learned is that your wheels will fall off your lego car if you don't connect the axles using enough of the big strong lego bits. Same goes with everything really, any system is only as strong as the weakest link.


So i started designing a new mechanical propulsion system so people could easily build your own electric skateboard. I started by removing all known weak links of existing eboard kits, whilst i was at it i also decided to include other features & functions that help to improve strength & drive chain alignment, i also designed the parts to be robust and configured them so they offer protection to other vital components in the system, such as the skateboard motors, pulleys & drive chain componentry.


Don’t get me wrong, the concept of the electric longboard - the idea of bolting electric motors to skateboards and connecting a battery - are not new ideas. People have been doing this stuff 20 years. All i have done is tested & redesigned the old methods to create something better, my parts are simply improved versions of existing parts that people have used to attach motors to skateboards.


so after months of testing & revising my prototypes i finalised my designs & placed my first production order of 25 sets with our factory, why 25? well any less than that and the cost is ridiculously high and totally unfeasible, I genuinely believe products need to have functional design, look fantastic, but most importantly parts need to be affordable too.


“electric skateboard parts need to be affordable”


Normally in australia everything costs us double (mainly because aussies import most of our gear from overseas) & when we do finally cough up our hard earned aussie dollars we must then wait several weeks for our gear to arrive, which then you realised is way more obscenely costly than previously budgeted for because the amount gets converted to USD & at a terrible exchange rate thanks to the greedy credit card company's... and things get even worse when you realised you 'accidently' used the wife's credit card... OUCH!


“there has to be a better way, a cheaper way, a faster way for aussie blokes to acquire the parts they need to make their own electric skateboards

So the next obvious step was to make a website to showcase the products i developed and make them accessible to all the blokes (and ladies) who live in australia, this wonderful land girt by sea, because at the moment we just don't have the gamut of products at our fingertips like fellow eboards enthusiasts in europe & in the US. So now all the aussies (and of course the rest of the world too) who want to make a really fast high quality electric skateboard can buy the parts from enertionboards.com at a great price, receive super fast affordable delivery & get back up support & warranty for the stuff they buy.


The website enertionboards.com has been completely created by myself, no designers or coders, just me alone (because I spent all my money on the manufacture of the propulsion parts) so if you like it please submit a review it would be really nice to get some positive (or negative) feedback... at least then i can tell my wife that there are actually some people out there that think im doing a good job.


As any married men out there could probably imagine, starting a business selling electric skateboards is not on my wife's list of 'important things to do' or on her list of 'things that you would ever do' so the process has been a tricky task to say the least.... however one thing that has kept me going is my belief that there are people out there just like me who think 'lifes too short to push' and want to build their own electric skateboards so they no longer have to....push.


“life’s too short to push”


So please if you do think my website totally sucks or you if actually like it please submit (click blue tab at bottom of screen) a review and tell my your thoughts, your feedback is super important. Or better yet just go shopping at enertionboards.com and buy some gear.


Thanks for reading.


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Thanks for reading.