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29th Nov 2015

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Enertion Boards has been developing and innovating non-stop for the last two years to build the ultimate electric skateboard.

You can now buy the Complete Electric Skateboard Online at Enertionboards.com

Enertion is known for relentless innovation & high performance esk8 hardware. We cater to the demands of a legion of technolutionary skaters who are at the roots of the electric skateboard movement. Enertion is the go-to brand for builders of electric skateboards who desire high-end hardware, bleeding edge technology and uber sleek aesthetic.

Now introducing our latest innovation: Custom made carbon fiber eboards for people who just want to rip.

Introducing the RAPTOR. 

High-performance Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

The Raptor Electric Skateboard is available in two options, Dual Motor & Single Motor.

The Dual motor is great for the bigger riders, if you are over 90kg it might be your best choice. With dual motors you can conquer any hill with ease.

The Mono Drive RAPTOR is lighter in total weight & also cheaper.. It still packs a punch of torque and has a wider drive belt to ensure the oversized motor can transfer power to the wheels, with the 12mm wide belt it can transfer 33% more torque to the wheel. This board is great for anyone under 90kg who wants a very-powerful and affordable electric skateboard.


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