Electric Skateboard Battery Charger Buying Guide

27th Jul 2015

Charging your electric skateboard battery can be a real pain depending what battery chemistry you are using & how you have it wired up on your deck.

My advice is use a high quality fast charger when possible, because who wants to wait around for a battery to charge?

If you have a LIPO battery I recommend balance charging it every time to ensure each cell stays well balanced so that you don't over discharge a cell accidentally. LIPO should be charged at 1C for safety. So if you have a 10AH battery charge at max of 10amps.

If you have a quality Li-ion Electric Skateboard battery such as the Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell it will have a built-in circuit to balance & protect your cells. You can charge the Li-Ion at up to 1C also. However charging slower will extend the life. The Space Cell also has the option of a fast charger which doubles the charge time.

At EnertionBoards.com we have hand picked a range of high quality battery chargers at reasonable prices to use on your next eboard build. 

Only with quality parts can you achieve great results.

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