21 Reasons why electric skateboards are better than non-electric skateboards

22nd Jun 2014

I asked people why they thought electric motors on a skateboard are a better alternative then pushing on a non-powered skateboard.The answers you see below were submitted as entries in the draw to win DIY electric skateboard kits

Prize winners will be announced on 25/06/2014.

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Here are the answers:

Post by Jan Christian » Mon May 19, 2014 8:52 am

Why are MOTOR'S (on a skateboard /casterboard) better than PUSHING?

I was riding to campus the other day and I came up behind two longboarders pushing. They saw me and starting pushing faster like it was going to be a competition. I just squeezed the trigger a little and my 7 kg brushless wood stick rocket started screaming and I went past them like a formula one car escaping a tsunami. I kept accelerating up a steep hill like it was nothing and on the top I thought for myself: In your face bitches :mrgreen:

An electric board is genius because you can carry it around and take it on the bus/train. Its relatively quiet and you can charge it wherever you charge your phone/PC. For its weight it packs some insane power. The kind you don’t believe before you experience it. But most importantly it’s damn FUN and it makes your life more exciting. Technology is awesome.

People are constantly stopping me wondering what it is and where I got it. I reply that I have build it myself. One time I was riding at the sidewalk keeping up with a car. There were some people inside with faces saying holy shit. They honked the horn and gave me thumbs up. They followed me a bit and when they stopped at a bus stop I could hear them say: frocking cool.

by psychotiller » Mon May 19, 2014 10:01 am

Why are motors on a skateboard better than pushing?

It's simple really. Pushing sucks. That's why we love downhill so much.

And being able to skate uphill without pushing is icing on the cake!

Most people have absolutey no idea what carving uphill feels like, but with

a motor it's possible.

Chances are, if you longboard, you snowboard. Do you enjoy pushing your snowboard?

Me neither! Having an outrunner motor on your longboard is the closest thing

to powder runs without having to gear up and drive all the way to the mountain.

If you longboard you know what it feels like to carve downhill, powered by gravity.

You know what it feels like to tuck in for the ride.

Forget what you think you know about electric longboards.

It's time to ride.

by 944 » Mon May 19, 2014 3:59 pm

My Facebook name is Hayden foy IV.

Why are motor's (on a skateboard) better than pushing?

My answer comes from the perspective of some one who was not yet experienced the trill of having a motor on a skateboard. when I go out skating I mainly ride my longboard down big hills. I carry a Gps with me to see how fast I go. my fastest down hill speed is thirty miles an hour. One thing I like to do is seeing how fast I can go on flat ground but pushing can only get me going so fast. my fastest pushing speed on flat ground is twenty miles an hour which is a good speed but the problem I face when pushing that fast is getting tired in just one run down the road. this is where motors come in, with a motor I can enjoy the thrill of riding fast, and I won't have to worry about tiring myself out. To me ridding down hills on a longboard is like a roller coaster ride where you have to get on at the top of the first drop ride down then have to walk back up while dragging the roller coaster car back up with you whereas with a motor you can get on at the bottom of the hill and ride to the top.

by saming » Mon May 19, 2014 5:02 pm

Why are MOTOR'S (on a skateboard) better than PUSHING?

There are many reason's people skateboard for me its the rush of cruising downhill 20+ Mph the downfall of this is there are very little hills where I live. When you put a motor on a skateboard it allows your to endless bomb flat lands. When your going 20MPH It really doesn't matter if you go down hill or up hill or even flat land cruising It is an amazing.

Another Great reason to Motorized your board is unlike in my youth I would spend 20 plus hours skateboarding a week. now i work 45 hours and i don't have time or energy to push I just have time to cruise and enjoy. Riding a motorized skateboard is one an awesome way to get to work, have fun doing it, and it super cheap to run but don't forget that Bad Ass factor when people see you Cruising 20Mph power-sliding around the parking lot. Life is full of Work Enjoy Boarding the only way how and that's Cruising Effortlessly Like a Boss!

by daverobson08 » Thu May 22, 2014 10:47 am

I built an electric skateboard so I could ride it to work every day - here is my reasoning why.

Here in the UK it seems that we are seeing an ever increasing number of cars on our roads. Even after global fuel price increases, rising insurance premiums and the effect which burning fossil fuels has on the environment, the trend continues.

Skateboarding is seen primarily as a recreational activity and only in few cases as a form of transport. What if we could change that? 28% of journeys in the UK are between 2-5 miles (3-8km) and yet 80% of these journeys are made by a car. The vast majority of these journeys are comprised of daily commuters. Doesn't that seem a little unnecessary to you?

I don't suggest that you get up at 7am, scramble to make yourself look presentable whilst cramming a coffee down your neck and then push yourself to work. I hardly have enough energy to iron a shirt at this time in the morning let alone skate five miles straight.

Now what if you could pick up your board, grab your bag and glide along effortlessly under the power of tiny electric motors? No substantial fuel costs or parking to think about. No traffic jams or road taxes. Your daily commute would no longer be a chore but a joy!

Skating is great in all forms, but once you forget about having to push, you are free to take everything in and simply enjoy the experience of the ride. The breeze feels incredible as your surroundings race by you and all you need to think about is carving your way around the kerbs and pedestrians. It may sound counter intuitive but riding under power in some ways takes skating back to a pure form.

I'm not saying that electric skateboards are a replacement for cars, they're never going to be used for the school run or to do your weekly food shop but for those short journeys to work or round to your friend's house they start to make a lot of sense.

If you're thinking you need a background in electronics or a degree in engineering then think again. I'd never even seen a brushless motor or LiPo battery before I decided to electrify a

skateboard. The idea that these tiny motors built for RC cars could ferry my entire weight around sounded ridiculous. Trust me though - they really do! The R&D has already been done,

the mistakes have already been made. You can do as little or as much DIY as you like, it's become so easy to make your own electric skateboard there really is nothing stopping you. You owe it to yourself to give it a try - trust me, you won't regret it.

by furp » Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:27 am

When I first started to look into electric skateboards, I had never stood on one before, nor seen one in action or even stood on a normal skateboard. I forced myself to slow my enthusiasm and got all the usual longboard harware before I looked into the electronics to see if could skate or just plant my face on the street. After finally managing to stay on the board for a few pushes, it got quite boring to me and seemed like a tedious way of transportation in the rural and flat area I live.

Later on, I went down a very small and short decline and the thrill of speed and criusing without having to push every few seconds immediately sold me on the idea of a motorized board (speaking of thrill and speed, in retrospect I was probably doing whooping 10kmh for about 100m!). I started learning about the needed parts, gathering everything together and finally building my board, learning a lot in the process. The fact that a relatively simple motor and a few electronics strapped to that piece of wood - and most importantly, done by me! - transforms it to such a fun machine and great means of transportation shows how much better motors are than pushing!

by Daggers » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:18 am

The joy of riding a longboard (or skateboard) is amazing! But the constant cycle of having to push and push.... and push... takes away from that pure joy. But when you add motors to that puppy, it turns into a growling, roaring monster that takes you anywhere you want! No more slow tedious pushes; with the pull of a trigger you can accelerate faster than you imagined and go further than you expected! Zoom by mere peasants that still use the stone age method of movement and enjoy the pure freedom of speed. All this is possible with the Enertion Eboard Kit! It transforms your board into a whole new creature, taking it to the next level. I know that boards with motors are superior. There's no arguing with all the added benefits. Zoom up hills and show them that you're the boss; both down AND up :twisted: There's no denying how truly awesome this is. I'll never go back to boring boards again!

by nambatu » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:54 am

Hey, did you ever had to use crutches? Anyway it is very exhausting. I live in Germany near Munich, in Kirchheim. It is very hard to come from A to B with a broken leg because there is no infrastructure! So guess what I did... Right! Here's the result:


It's so funny to see the people's faces, actually they're amused, too. Electro-Skateboarding is so fun. I love the feeling to stand/sit on the board and to pass everybody. You are so fast and you can also do some tricks with the board. You are also able to drive offroad! It is quiet and light. You can constantly go 30km/h and you DON'T HAVE TO PUSH!!! I am always proud of me, when adults ask a 15-year old boy how this 'thing' works... Even if I am 15: Life's too short to push!

How does the connection between the engine shaft and the little gear work? I lost some parts of the Alien Kit and I really need a Enertion Propulsion K1 because the Holy Trucks start to lurch when I drive very fast! ;)

by RyanBell » Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:55 am

Skate boarding has its thrills but there is nothing worse than climbing hills or burning out on endless flats. Using motors to extend the joy of riding is a brilliant innovation and will change the way we skate.

I’ve seen motorized longboards in action for some time now and am utterly amazed by what can be achieved with a bit on ingenuity and the drive to think outside the box. I have long left the skate scene for about 10 years ago and with electric skateboards becoming more popular its drawing me back..... Pushing just isn’t an option.

Think about this… If you want to make a phone call you reach for your cell phone. If you want to watch TV you reach for the remote. If you want to send a letter you use E-mail. These innovative ideas have changed the world as we know it. Making things simpler, easier, faster is a way of life so embrace the change because it’s coming.

If you’ve never tried a motorized skateboard try it. Life is for living and you only live once.

Try it! Ride it! Tame it!

by Damgaard » Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:15 am

Why are MOTOR'S (on a skateboard) better than PUSHING?

Everyone who has tried longboarding knows how exhilarating it is to bomb hills but longbarding can quickly get tiresome when it doesn’t go downhill anymore. With motors on your longboard its always downhill! Even when you go uphill you can skate as if it was downhill. Riding an electric skateboard simply gives the most pleasant feeling of fun and freedom. It’s like snowboarding, almost like flying.

But electric skateboards aren’t just a toy anymore. The technology is finally here for good electric skateboards. They are so lightweight and so thin that you might think you see a normal longboard until the rider zooms right past you. They can go a distance that means you can use them for commuting instead of your bike and you’ll even be free from sweating when you arrive. These things can go so fast that you think you’ll take off, and you better lean forward when you push the throttle or the acceleration will put you on your ass.

You really have nothing to lose because pushing is still an option for when you feel like going old school, but honestly... life is too short for pushing!

Facebook name: Peter Damgaard Anderson

by r3volved » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:39 am

Since I still can't afford one at its current pricing, I decided to enter anyway.

Life's too short to push.

A motorized skateboard provides a light-weight, green platform for hands-free, urban commuting.

Quick travel through downtown traffic.

Free hands to grab some groceries.

Cruise with your dog or kids on their bikes.

Enertionboards changes the dynamic of what skating can be.

by lone_deranger » Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:21 am

The solution in the evolution of the personal vehicle revolution.

Not only will you help combat pollution and push the fusion of skateboard profusion as a last mile solution to traffic confusion but rage against the collusion of the imposed institution.

Consider this innovation less you push to stagnation.

To start the adaption of your own contraption, for a deck consider a lightweight version or envision electronics insertion.

In this application, a lithium battery for power production, ESC takes care of current conversion and brushless outrunners give motion through the transmision of your intention to the receiver for resolution.

Let me offer an explanation to work out propulsion; it's the extrapolation of hub and pulley size selection to wheel correlation in relation to voltage adoption and the motor kv expression. The resolution to this rotation is locomotion.

Have no illusion, speeding by on your home built creation it sure to make an impression but may cause consternation so avoid aggresion as it could lead to abberation and result in collision and possible abrasion.

In conclusion, for an e-board construction best start with the installation of Enertion components for propulsion.

Hope you've enjoyed my contribution.

by Plarson81 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:30 pm

Motors on skateboards is probably the greatest idea since Henry ford created the car. If you love the pushing aspect of skateboarding and not the cursing down hill part you might be crazy. The benefit of have a motorized skateboard is that your legs don't get tired and your not exhausted while doing something you love. With the motor on a skateboard you open so much more possibilities and riding that your couldn't even start to imagine with just having to push. Eboards are the future of cursing and he future has never be so exciting to look forward too! I don't have anything else to say besides that if you don't try riding an Eboard you won't be able to feel the joy of flying 20 mph on a flat and who doesn't want to impress the cars passing wondering how the crap does he do that. If you are a hard core long boarder you should be willing to evolve with the sport.

by elskateboard.se » Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:39 pm

I’m not so sure a motorized skateboard is better than pushing.

Different, yes indeed. Not necessarily better.

True, they are both skateboards by definition. Still, an eboard and a regular one are altogether two very different beasts. And thus not easily comparable. Impossible even, it'd be like comparing hockey skates and figure skates.

Both work on ice. That's it.

And so it is with tarmac, a material on which both the eboard and the I-have-to-push-it-myself-board work. However, many of us who just want that unique, fantastic feeling you get from cruising along the sidewalk on your beloved board – we will choose the electric skateboard.

No tricks, no flips, no grinds, no slides; just cruise and have a good time.

And to top it all off, we do it without even the slightest of effort.

You know that feeling of superb awesomeness and world domination you feel every time you’re going downhill on a skateboard?

Well, an electric skateboard makes it feel like GOING DOWNHILL ALL THE TIME!

Not from time to time, not here and there, but ALL the time.

And not once will you even break a sweat.

So no, my friend, this eboard of mine isn’t better than your skateboard, they are equally awesome.

They are different though, and if I was a gambling man I’d bet everything I have on you falling instantly in love with the electric skateboard the very first time you ride it.

by ChillieFly » Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:02 pm

Motors on a skateboard really opens a kaleidoscope of options for all your thrill seekers and your average Joe's. Not only are you providing a fun and easy solution to conquer hills and flats with SPEED, you are opening the door to vast and expanding new market.

Motors on a skateboard can be a very viable option for ordinary semi skilled riders for commuting. Whether it be on a campus, to a job or even volunteering in your community. The compact size in nature compared to that of a bike really allows for diverse methods of "Transportation Cohesion", where you can take your skateboard on a train or in a bus and car very easily. Providing a far more eco friendly environment for all. Not to mention you are not burning fossil fuels!!! (its a WIN WIN WIN)

This solution can also be the "New Thing" for those thrill seekers. I feel the whole vision of skateboarding could change. I don't mean for it to take away from the current sport/activity but who knows maybe one day these kind of boards could be in X Games. I can imagine off-road circuits being made where you would needs to master down and uphill obstacles similar to off-road biking. With the motors you are really not limited to the downhill aspect of some of these thrilling sporting activities.

In a nutshell this technology simply allows for people of all kinds to venture further and faster no matter where that may be on a very small fingerprint on the planet. Id consider this project a success even if you got a few people outside and enjoying the small things in life without having to worry about tedious pushing. This could even be marketed more than just a sporting/outdoors item but a way of LIFE :)

Now that you guys have conquered this solution of motorized skateboard. Can you please get cracking on the hover board. I'm genuinely looking forward to pretending I'm Marty McFly in Back to the Future. :)

Let the enertion be the assertion boys .... good job!



by superpef » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:27 pm

Why are motors on a longboard better than pushing?

I realized that when I started longboarding many years ago way before I even knew one can put motors on any skateboard. Now that the technology is here with brushless, super-low maintenance motors it’s really a no-brainer.

You can only feel the true sensation of longboarding when you reach certain speed. So when you’re pushing you try to get enough speed to be able to do at least a couple nice, surfy turns but the fun is immediately over and you have to push again. Now that I have two tiny brushless motors on my board I ALWAYS get that sensation, whether I’m going on flats through town or even speed uphill. Slides and speed checks uphill? Hell yeah! Not to mention the countless possibilities for use that open up. Since I have electric motors mounted I ride my board almost every single day. To class, to work, in combination with public transportation or for straight fun. The possibilities are endless. I barely ever ride my bike now. Also, stepping on this thing instantly turns you into the coolest cat in town. Seriously, people start to recognize me as the dude on that sick electric skateboard. I probably get more shouts and thumbs-ups than a Bugatti Veyron owner (don’t have the means to confirm this).

Skaters and others who have tried my board are nothing but speechless by how fast it can go while perfectly controllable and not behaving any different than a non-powered longboard. Get yours and it will be the coolest thing you have ever owned.

by Moxego66 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:42 pm

The reason the electric genre of skating is better is answered in one simple word; evolution. Species evolve to get better, this is what the electric skateboard offers a faster, longer more thrilling experience. It simply combines the best aspects of the car and the skateboard; it has the power and speed of a car yet retains its original iconic design of the much loved skateboard. Electric skateboards don't throw all the values cherished my the skateboard community out the door, you can still push if you desire and carve. Its not built for tricks rather for commuting ! Imagine the daily commute on a skateboard that offers speeds of 20MPH ?! How can you not fall in love with it! Though many boards have gone with the long board approach (due to the cruising aspect) companies do make boards that resemble the average skateboard. One of the main arguments against the electric genre is the weight of the battery though in production at the time is the 'Marbel' board weighing in at just under 10lbs and can reach speeds of 20MPH along with a range of 10Miles! Building you own board isn't that hard either, currently I'm building a board for my GCSE Technology course work, all it takes is instructions and a good attitude! So if you don't want to spend big bucks on a board, just make your own!

Thank you for reading!

Elise Kings


by rutierut » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:25 pm

Well there are of course several reasons for this:

First of all its the simplicity, the instant you step on a electric skateboard you will be able to use it, it feels so natrual and easy, it takes the best part of skateboarding, downhill, and improves that even further. Ever wished you could reach the same speeds uphill as downhill? On top of that it has the abillity to brake which adds a lot of safety for beginners and intermidiate riders and will even give advanced users the abillity to change speeds quickly which is super concomitant in urban environments. And this is all completely customizible, if you want a board that can reach speeds of 40 km/h no problem! But of course there's more: an e-board is extremely environmentally friendly, lightweight & portable. Getting to work suddenly becomes something fun! Even long distances are no problem, just hop on a train and use your electric skateboard for the last and first part. You won't show up sweaty and exhausted because of the motors who are doing all the work for you so you can completely focus on the fun part!

Rutger Willems

by moosejaw » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:54 pm

Electric Skateboards vs. Mechanical Skateboards

(I kinda went overboard :P)

Tony Hawk once said, “ I won’t quit skating until I’m physically unable”. Well, Mr. Hawk, I’ve got good news for you. You won’t have to worry about not being able to ride a skateboard once you’ve tried an electric longboard; you’ll be worried about not having enough time to live the skateboarding dream. First off, electric skateboards can actually be used as a viable transportation. Unlike normal skateboards, which make you sweaty and can’t be used for a long time without making you tired, electric skateboards can go wherever you need without making you break a sweat. Along with that, electric skateboards are much more convenient to use during your everyday life. Unlike a bike, you can put them in your backpack or take them into the subway without causing a commotion or taking too much effort(http://goo.gl/BILMo3). Secondly, anyone can use them. Being self powered, you don’t have to focus on pushing. This allows you to instantly remove several headaches involved with skateboarding, such as learning how to push and learning that you shouldn’t push Mongo. Finally, electric skateboards are just more fun. You don’t have to worry about getting back up onto the hill you just bombed; just ride back up with no effort. Electric skateboards are better because they are convenient transportation, anyone can use them, and because they are more fun.

Besides Tesla, if you drive a car, you know that it sucks to drive places(I actually don’t know how to drive quite yet, I know this because my dad is always pissed whenever I ask him to drive 40 minutes to badminton practice). However, if you drive an electric skateboard, they have been know to, according to a kickstarter backer of Boosted Boards, “Gives the same high as a Tesla at a fraction of the price.” An electric skateboard allows you to travel places that bikes and cars can’t go. Whenever you don’t need it, you can just stash it into your backpack. Three words describe it well: Best Transportation. Ever.

Along with being an excellent form of transportation, Electric Skateboards can be used by anyone. If you are a businessman wearing a suit, you won’t get hot and sweaty from pushing while going to your meeting. If you go to school with these, people would die to get their hands on one of these. Also, even if you’ve never ridden an ordinary skateboard, you don’t need to know how to with an electric one. Lots of people say its like snowboarding, but since I don’t own an electric skateboard, I have to be content with a snowboard :(. The advantage is that once you get it, you can ride it, straight out of the box. No years of mastering how to get speed out of your pushes. Just you. You and the board.

Most importantly, electric skateboards are made to have fun. Regardless of anything else, whether you’re going to your daily commute to work or just want to go down to the mall for some window shopping, it gives you a chance to have some time for fun, carving corners and bombing roads. Thats what life is about, right?

All in all, there are plenty of reasons why electric skateboards are better than ordinary skateboards, but I’m not going to be biased; there are some ways that normal boards are better. However, electric skateboards, along with being toys, also have the practical use of transportation. They are more convenient than bikes and provide about the same capabilities. Also, with an electric skateboard, anyone can ride it. I’m sure in a couple of years, you’ll even see seniors riding them. In the end, electric skateboards are made to have fun. Looking forward to all the years I have left, one thing is in my mind; Life’s too short to push! :D


Even if I don’t win, I still want to thank you, Mr. Enertion, for creating a better, more affordable, DIY e-skateboard kit. Also, to think that this project started, not in hopes of making money, but because you were concerned about public safety! I look up to you in the realm of DIYers. I tip my hat to you!

Your admirer,


Buy electric skateboard kits online at www.enertionboards.com

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