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Buy Online - Fastest & Most Powerful Electric Skateboard - Raptor 2


Buying an electric skateboard online these days is not such an easy task, sorting through pages & pages of specifications & reviews to find the one with the highest top speed or biggest batteries can take hours. Unlike just a few years ago, there are now many startup companies with good quality electric skateboard offerings, many of the most popular ones were successfully launched on kickstarter, just like the Raptor 2.

In December 2016 the Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard was successfully funded on kickstarter! What makes the Raptor 2 so special & definitely makes it stand out in the increasingly crowded market is its focus on performance, power & speed. If you are looking for the fastest, Most Powerful Electric Skateboard, with the biggest battery you really don't have many options. The Raptor 2 has easily taken first prize when it comes to high performance electric skateboards.

Most powerful direct drive electric skateboard


45km/h Top Speed 40km Range
360Wh Battery Direct Drive Hub Motors
Dual VESCX Controllers Compact Hand Piece
Regen-Braking Precision Trucks
90mm High Quality Wheels Rapid Charger inc standard
Length 973mm Width 274mm
Weight 9kg (19.8lbs) 1Yr Instant Parts Replacement Warranty
Option to upgrade to 2Yr IPRW

You can now pre-order the raptor 2 online at heavily discounted sales prices


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