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Wheels/Enertion pulley kits/sk3 6374 uk seller

@WARMAN wrote:

Wheels abec clones 83mm £40 1x
Enertion pulley kits with belt £20 each 4x
Sk3 6374 192kv £60 1x
Wheel pulley on its own £5 each 4x
Delivery uk £2.80
No custom charges

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NYC E-Skate Thursday in Prospect Park

@Lunasi wrote:

Doing a day of cruising the parks for anyone who has an e-board and lives in or near the NYC area. Its supposed to be 70 degrees out! We'll be meeting at Prospect Park for a day of riding!

Keep track of our weekly events at our new facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/979679735465095/

Meet at the Starbucks at 164 Park Place, Brooklyn, New York 11217, charge up and hit prospect park for some cruising!

Join the whatsapp group to speak to us live if you're running behind or want to meet mid day and cant be there at the start. Also join the whatsapp to get in on the live conversation!

Meet at 12:30-1 at the Starbucks

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Cheapest place to buy HTD5 265/275 12mm belt?

@Eboosted wrote:

Please if you have them, send me a PM

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X car beast120a esc

@charliek wrote:

So I've been using x car beast 120a esc with 280kv motor. Out of sudden, esc is not able to detect the motor (red and blue light flashing). I thought that cold soldering joints might have caused the problem so I soldered the wires directly. Esc still can't detect the motor. what else could I try?

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MKV3 | VESC 4.12 | Jacob Hubs | 10S4P + MKV2 rework

@makevoid wrote:

Here's my third build (reworked from my first one), hub motor based, I've finished it recently so I've put only ~3-4 miles on it but it seems solid.

  • x2 VESC (Enertion and esk8.de)
  • Jacob Hub Motors
  • Sulaco Enclosure from @RunPlayBack 10S4P Li-Ion - 40x 18650 Samsung INR from nkon.nl (~170 eur)
  • Battery capacity monitor (coulometer) (~35 eur) [link]
  • Proto Boards anti spark w led (~46 eur) [link]
  • 10S BMS 60A (~27 eur) [link]
  • 10S 3A Charger (~30 eur) [link]
  • Koston deck (I'm looking for a good and long drop down deck, I'm open to suggestions)
  • SMTBoard controller (~38 eur) [link]

The urethane on the hubs doesn't seem to slip, I tried them at 6S and they became really hot pretty quickly, but with the 10S they seem to stay cool, I have still to try them on a long hilly track to see if they can whitstand the load (I'm ~105kg).
Controllers (I have two of them) are super reliable, both vesc work well and seem to perform almost equally, charger/bms are good. I like the led inside the anti spark switch because not only looks cool but I sometimes forget my old board (the MKV2) on, and the vesc in standby discharges the battery a bit.
The Sulaco enclosure is really massive, it could fit 60+ cells but I think with 10S4P I should be ok for now, I would like to make a 10S5P for more range and less voltage sag in the future

I've still to route a path for the cables in the deck but I'll probably wait for the Carvon V2.5s to arrive (next week) and I plan to do a quick video comparison between jacob hubs and the carvons next month (carvons w/ 97mm flywheels).

Here are some shots of the old 6S setup, when assembling the current battery pack, power switch / coulometer details etc..

Build details:

The battery meter has good infos (voltage, percent of charge, amps remaining to be consumed) and it flashes while charging which is not bad.

Old 6S setup:

Assembling the new pack:

I'm using standard 18650 battery spacers, some copper wire soldered on the cell solder tabs (I used a 80w soldering iron) Added some foam and taped everything together (I need some appropriate heatshrink I know)

MKV2 rework

Now that I have a fully functional second board I can upgrade the first one (the MKV2) to dual vesc & dual motor (RSpec 6374 x2 - dual diagonal - I have a sk3 192 laying around which will probably replace one rspec that has a lot of miles on it and screeches a bit). I'm trying the motor mount from protoboards even if I have a spare enertion one but I'm curious to try that.

3 pics, dropping a new vesc and new drive train there (next step will be do some cables cleanup (remove most of the connectors by soldering almost everything to save up a bit of space and remove the vesc usb "programming" cable which was useful with one vesc but a bit unpractical with two)

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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BLDC throttle sensitivity

@ralphy wrote:

Can anyone point me in the right direction to modify the sensitivity of the remote throttle curve.

My board is a 12s setup wih dual jackb hub motors and it reaches max power when im only pressing like 25% of the throttle. Basically i hit top speed at 25% throttle leaving most of the throttle range useless and causing some unexpected rapid acceleration some times.

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How regularly do u use your eboard?

@Okami wrote:

If there's a thread already like this, please point it out..

To be honest.. i.didnt had.time to try out mine a lot since i finished it in cold season.. do u ride your eboards during warm weather a lot (everyday) or just occasionaly?

/perhaps poll would be best just not sure how.to.make.one :slight_smile:

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6s2p battery capcity question LGHG2

@ralphy wrote:

So this is my first 18650 build and i got my cells from imr batteries.

I built two 6s2p packs. The cells came in at 3.51v char51 showed at 4%

My charger is showing only about 4000mah going in to fully charge a pack Shouldnt it be closer to 6000mah?

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Upgrading my esk8

@GreenF0X wrote:

Hello esk8 community
I bought a broken yuneec ego and want to build a new board with existing parts.
I have all the mechanical parts allready together
Batteries i would keep from the ego (8S batteries)
Because i think they are good enough and allready come with a good onboard charging
So i would need a ESC and a motor.

My requirements would be:
I want to go at least 10km (6 miles)
And about 25-30 km/h (16-19mph)
I also want to have a bit of an uphill ability
Doesnt have to be crazy
The yuneec worked good i would just like a little bit more uphill capibility.
I would love to have a small easy remote to have a quick ride
And i would love to have a bluetooth function to read all the data like speed, distance and range if i want to connect my iphone.
Can you guys please help me with picking parts? :slight_smile:
I dont want to go very cheap but also not all out crazy.
Just a good allround esk8 for nearly every day driving to work and back (about 2.5km one way).
And i would love to buy from hobbyking or any other european website cause shipping from us would be too expensive.

Best regards lukas
Sorry for my bad english i am from austria :slight_smile:

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Has anyone got this board (slick Revolution in the UK)

@FaIsePhoenix wrote:

Its their small mini e board version

For referance i have been comparing it against the Action Blink S board

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Real Dirt, Trampa, Idea build, vesc 6.0

@monkey32 wrote:

Just picked up the board for a cool 200......Used but never used......So stoked

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Arduino Voltmeter

@IsTalo wrote:

HI Guys, I bought a lot of things for my skate but forgot the Voltmeter and I want to make one now with a Arduino, I don't found anything about it on the forum and I want help of you, How Would I do It? I could be a Voltmeter Like This One too

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Need help with Nano-X tx/rx

@Pr0dy wrote:

Alright, I received all the parts I needed for my first build. Now what pissed me off a bit at first was not to receive a bind key with my receiver (Nano-X), but I figured I could just connect two of the pins together to get the same result. I tried to find on the internet how to bind the nano-x transmitter to the receiver, and in every video there is a red blinking light on the receiver, which I don't have. There is no red blinking light and the transmitter won't bind.

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Varnish, lacquer or poly urethane

@smurf wrote:

Does anyone know which clear coat professional skateboards makers use ?
Anyone have good results with?
I'D like to use Danish oil but I'm not sure grip tape would stick to it.

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Need BLDC tool for V2.18 VESC

@Pr0dy wrote:

Hey guys anyone got a link to download a BLDC tool? VESC version is 2.18 I believe

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Need suggestions on my plan

@Jammeslu wrote:

Need advice and suggestion to see if everything would work. Im 15 and on a budget so if you have any more better suggestions about parts etc share it.

Deck- Loaded tan tien flex 2 with paris trucks and orangutang 70mm wheels got sweet deal everything for app 35 usd

Motor- sk3 245kv

battery- 2x 3s 5000mah or 3s 58000 is the difference really much?
motor mount- some cheap with pulleys and belts like diys kit but cheaper.

esc/vesc- don't know yet bur probably a 120A car esc from hobby king or eBay similar to the ftv or something people use. Just to save money otherwise I'll go with vesc, please come with sugestions on esc

Bms- here is a catch, i know i want one but i don't know which is powerful enough, do they have an A rating like esc?

laptop charger- som cheap from eBay

housing- Planing on making my own with index cheats and place on opposite sides to get like a boosted board look

remote- winning or mini haven't disided yet

Need a on off swith but couldn't find one with high enough rating and the combos with antispark is way to expensive but thats what i want.

thats about it but i wonder, i know 70mm wheels are small but since thats what i have do i really need to buy new wheels just for that 10mm extra? will the difference be worth the money?

and I know sort of where all wires should be connected but if anyone has a complete diagram inc switch, bms, and monitor that would help.


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Vanguard build - Boosted inspired

@MarioGC wrote:

Hello guys.

When I started in this forum I was thinking about building an e-MTB... you guys recommended me to build my e-Board with different deck since the one I had was bad quality MTB...

This is the post I did.

This is what I finally build.

Loaded Vanguard Board + Dual Polar 6355 190KV motors

50º Caliber Trucks + TorqueBoards Pulleys&Mounts

Custom fiber glass VESC's enclosure (@emancarrillo)

  • I added a USB cable to check fault codes just in case.

MBS All-Terrain wheels

Custom fiber glass battery enclosure

Let me know what you think and if you would recommend me somthing to improve in this e-Board.

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3d battery enclosure file for printing

@dedinski wrote:

I dont like the battery/vesc enclosure I made, so Id just print a good one of yours. Im sure other people would appreciate it as well!

I have a 6s system with 2x3s zippy 5000mah, but perhaps ill upgrade to 9s or 6s with 4zippies.


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The Experiment | Kick Tail Deck | Custom Trucks | Dual Rear Tacon 160 | Custom Mount | 8S Laptop 18650 | VESC

@jdyer8989 wrote:

Hello everyone,

I finally got some time to start my build thread. I'm currently a mechanical engineering student and between going to school and working my free time is very limited. I have been wanting to build an eskate for a while now and over the past couple months I started gathering parts for my build. I am calling this build the experiment because I have no Idea what to expect when its done, could be awesome or could catch fire. This mostly due to my battery choice. I have decided to make a 8S pack out of recycled 18650 cells from dead laptop batteries. I know these are not the correct batteries for an application like this, but they were free and I'm curious to see how the pack performs. I have not decided the exact size of the pack but it will be 64 cell minimum, possible even up to 80 cells. Even with this amount of cells the pack will still have a low discharge amperage leading to intermittently pulling 3C or more. Obviously this is no good for the cells, but lets see what happens.

Onto the build. The part I'm most excited for with this build is designing my own truck hangers. I purchased a set of caliber clones before I realized that they were not wide enough to run dual 6364 Tacon motors. An old friend of mine is a machinist and has recently purchased his own 3-axis CNC mill. He agreed to help me out with the trucks as well as the motor mounts.

I sill have a lot of work to do to get this board done, but I hope to finish for the summer. Anyway here is the build list and some images.

Deck: Ebay Kicktail downhill deck
Trucks: Homemade 200mm CNC hangers on caliber 44° base plates
Wheels: 90mm Flywheel Clones
Motors: 2x Tacon 160 245kv
Motor Mounts: Homemade version of Torque board mount
Gearing: 15T motor / 36T 3D printed Wheel pulley
ESC: 2x Axle VESC
Battery: 8S8P or 8S10P Laptop 18650 cells
Remote: GT2B with 3D printed case
Enclosure: 3D printed

Quick copy of caliber hanger with 200mm width

3D printed

Mock-up with Torque Board mounts. All 3D printed.

Printed PETG wheel pulley

Truck design (Still in progress)

I will be using sholder bolts for axles

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Will both of my chargers work for my setup?

@UniqueSnowflakeN27 wrote:

So I got two chargers for my 6S4P pack. One slow at 2amps and one fast at 5amps. I bought them from aliexpress, so I wanted to double check them to make sure they're properly rated.

Slow charger: 25.37V and 2amps

Fast charger: 25.18V and 8amps.

Here are some pictures too, the Dymo tape is what I got when I tested them with my multimeter.

The battery and BMS.

My questions are:

  • Is it safe to use the slow charger at 2amps when the voltage is 25.37V? That could put my cells at 4.2283V if the BMS doesn't stop it.

  • The fast charger at 8amps seem to have a good voltage, but if my calculations(8amps / number of cells in one pack which is 4 = 2amps per cell) is correct then charging a 2500mah cell at 2amps is barely on the safe side of things. Should I just scrap that charger?

If I've missed anything or my math is off, please correct me!


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BesTechPower BMSes - Setting Factory Parameters

@ofekp wrote:

People! I need help with setting the parameters of my BMSes for my build.
I am building 6S LiFePo4 board, but want to convert it soon to 9S, so I am buying both 6S and 9S BMSes.
I am also buying ones that are cheap and small - only for charging, and big ones - which are both for discharge and charge.

@Namasaki already started helping me, but now I am being asked to set the parameters soon, and I need help because I have no idea what I am doing...
He said it is better to change the discharge voltage detection to 2.5 and same for discharge voltage release, cuz 2.0 is too low.

What happens if I get something wrong??? Will it be a wast of money?
The most important thing for me is the charging.. Do I need to give them the parameters for this too?

Any one here has experience with it and can continue helping me?

Thank you all!

My Batteries Specs:

Capacity: 4200mAh
Voltage: 3S1P / 9.9v
Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst
Max Charge Rate: 2C

The BMSes I am buying:

Big BMSes

Pasted image739x880 215 KB
6S (I think they wrote 5S on the data-sheet by mistake...):

Pasted image756x1000 252 KB
Small BMSes
Due to their sizes, I also bought two others, much smaller BMSes:

blob.jpg745x997 320 KB

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Need help from you experts.. will this combination work

@stancedsandwich wrote:

*BOARD- Blank 40x9.5 Stiff Flex

*VESC- Ollin VESC 4.12 Ollin VESC

*CONTROLLER- "Winning" 2.4Ghz Mini Thumb Stick Controller Psychotiller Remote

*BATTERY- Enertion Space Cell Pro4 Enertion Battery

*DRIVETRAIN- Enertion Single Drive Kit ( Unfortunately I purchased from a local seller here on Hawaii, its never been used but I have no way on telling the specs.

I just want to make sure these things will all work together to make a decent E Board?

I have done a lot of reading and heard of a lot of different components IE Anti Spark, BMS, etc.. Does it look like I have everything I need or are there other components I am missing?

Are these components plug and play or do I need additional cables/components to piece this together.

I know I have a lot of questions but I just want to do this right the first time, Thank You!!

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Found three kinds of electric skateboards, which one do you prefer?

@JaggerMing wrote:

1.the small board also known as banana board ,It is the cheapest in the electric skateboards, also known as the most suitable for the beginners, there are many kinds of style, very flexible .here is picture.

2.The Landwheel electric skateboard , this product is very delicate .it's the Chinese first high-end electric skateboard kit, fit most skateboards , two-way drive, removable and assembly with other decks, remote control..

3.Cross-country skateboard. A lot of people look forward to the product, can adapt to all kinds of terrain, with a strong horsepower

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Crazy 8 wheel 4WD idea

@Alanhunt123 wrote:

Hi guys,

I just wanted to put a little idea out there for a build I am planning on starting mid-summer. I go to school at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and there are quite a few E-Sk8s popping up all around campus, most are DIY. I saw a video of an 8 wheel skateboard, and instantaneously knew what I wanted to make. An 8 wheel 4WD E-Sk8!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking.

"It's not cost effective."
"It won't be efficient."
"It's too complicated!"

But that's not the point. The point is to make something truly unique! I want to make a board that a bystander will do a double take and say "wait... that is an 8 wheel longboard... and he's not even pushing!"

I have already been tossing around ideas on paper. Here is one belt layout I've been thinking about. It's by no means my final design, but is merely a schematic to show what it might look like.

There may be some issues with the motor pulley skipping, I'll look into it.

There is still so much left to do. Lots of modeling in CAD, lots of machining (my specialty at WPI :wink: ), and lots of trial and error. And most of all, I have to finish my current E-Sk8 project before I head off for a project term in Copenhagen, Denmark (Really looking forward to E-Sk8ing there! Most bike friendly city in the world!).

What do you guys think? Please give me all your thoughts!

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Connecting vesc to computer through bluetooth

@Michael319 wrote:

So I connected bluetooth to the vesc. Everything is working 100%. but I would like to program the vesc through the bluetooth module on my computer. I tried using the apps and they didn't work 100%, so how would I connect the bluetooth module to the computer

I connected via bluetooth and it is paired, but nothing is showing up in bldc tool.

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CarvOn v2.5 dual mount coming loose, motor sparked bench testing, +more

@Radium73 wrote:

Starting with tl;dr, look below for more info:

CarvOn v2.5 motor mounts are coming loose, vibrating and sounds awful. Water got in SpaceCell Pro voltage display, killed 1/3rd of display and changed mode to L3, took enclosure off to make sure there wasn't any water, changed display mode back to L10, testing to make sure it is correct and motor sparked, smelled like smoke, about crapped my pants.

My motors started sounding different the last couple of rides, noticed mostly while pulling the board behind me in hand. Trying to figure out what was wrong, I noticed that the motor mounts are coming loose!

To be honest, I have no idea how these motors are mounted, let alone how to tighten them or stop them from coming loose in the future. Is this a common problem? I've never heard of this happening before.

Riding yesterday, I rode through a small puddle at the bottom of a driveway, and water got into my voltage display. I am using a SpaceCell Pro, and was under the impression that it was relatively water resistant. I've ridden through small puddles before and not had an issue, but this one was luck of the draw I guess. Looking in the enclosure, I can see that it is hot glued all around the inside.

The water in the display changed the display mode, (I tore the button off previous), so I took the SpaceCell off to make sure there was no water in the enclosure, because that's the only way I could think that the display mode would change. There was no water, I then attempted to change the display mode back to what it was (about 1/3 of the display no longer works, the last digit and percent sign, so at 100%, I see 10, so I figure I can still see generally how charged it is), and then to make sure the voltage meter was working correctly, I powered it on, and ran the motors to see if the voltage reacted. Then, the motor sparked, which about gave me a heart attack as I really don't want to set fire to my dorm.

The motor has never sparked before, I have no idea why this would happen. It seemed like it would be a short in the motor? It definitely smelled like smoke immediately after. Maybe the loose motor mounts are vibrating the phase wires and wearing through their seal inside the motor? I (tentatively) tested the board again a few minutes later and it did not spark, and both motors ran fine.

I do not have much experience with these things, and am definitely learning as I go. Someone familiar with CarvOns can hopefully chime in! Maybe @RunPlayBack? I also know Jerry no longer uses these forums, should I message him as well? The motors have probably less than 100 miles on them.

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Hub motors : Are they a good choice?

@karteks wrote:

Hi everyone
I'm new to this forum, and I'm learning a lot.
I'd love to build a board with hub motors because I really like the looks, the simplicity , the silence and the freewheel.
I feel however that most people do not choose this option. Is it only because they have less power? I have a feeling it's more than that.

I'm really concerned by a couple of things before I set out doing this. I really worry that the lifespan of these motors will be very short: they are in direct contact with the ground and get all the vibrations and shocks. There is no dampening apart from a thin layer of urethane. What is your experience with this? How many hours or kms can I expect from such motors?
I heard dirt and water can be an issue, same question what is user's feedback?

Next : comfort. I suspect it's inferior to a pulley setup. But is it a put off for those who have tried both? Could we imagine dampening pads between board and trucks to reduce the effect??

Lastly, as the heat dissipation is bad, assuming a dual setup, which I suppose is kind of mandatory, what is the max continuous range you can do before the motor overheats? I keep seeing amazing ranges with a good battery but will the motors hold up on a continuous run? What would be the max continuous distance achievable ??

Thanks for your comments !!

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The iBoard Junior | Mini-Deck | SK3 6382 168kv | 10s LiPo | VESC | 83mm wheels

@fraannk wrote:

Hi! Just wanted to share my newest build. I'm upgrading my current board to a dual, so I had some parts left over from that. I really wanted a compact board I could carry with me home on the weekends, so that's why it's a small 22" deck.

My parts:
Motor: Turnigy SK3 168kv
ESC: esk8.de VESC
Battery: 10s (2x 5s) Turnigy LiPo 5Ah
Motor mount: Enertion Mount
Gearing: 15/36T 12mm belt
Wheels: Black flywheel clones
Trucks: Painted Enertion trucks
Remote: Winning remote (still waiting for dat Nano-X doe)
Deck: Generic mini-longboard style deck
Enclosure: @Dunkirk ABS enclosure

Since most of the parts is from my old build (The iBoard) the building process was fairly easy.

Stuff I need to do:
* Add grip tape
* Smart charging solution
* Cutout for button



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[ Interested to buy - EU ] 15mm HTD 20T Motor Pulley / 8mm bore

@Okami wrote:

Hi there! If someone has at home ''spare'' 15mm pulley with 20 teeth (8mm bore) that would be great!

I can order one from china.. but somehow dont want to wait about a month till I get it.. so if someone does have it.. write me a message or leave a message in this topic

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Upgrading from 8S to 10S with VESC and 245kv 6364 SK3

@Alanhunt123 wrote:


I have been running a 245kv SK3 on 8s for a while, and thought it did pretty ok. However, the torque really wasn't quite enough for me. Eventually, my lipos gave out, and I decided to build a 10s4p pack with Samsung 25rs to try and get a little more umph. A friend of mine helped me set it up, and was kind enough to let me borrow his spot welder.

My question is, as long as I limit my ERPM to 60K, will my vesc be ok? Or should I just get a new motor? I only realized this might be an issue after I built the pack. Doh!

I have my eyes on a 6374 sk3, would be a blast! But, if it is unnecessary to upgrade, I'd like to keep my current motor. What do you guys think?

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