FocBox Bulk Plans

FocBox is a compact, high-performance, programmable motor controller

A robust & powerful solution used for mechatronics, motion control systems & high-performance lightweight electric vehicles. For a limited time only, enertion is welcoming new re-sellers on-board to service the ever-increasing global demand for the Focbox product. Start today & take advantage of the 30 day inventory credit coupon; we will deliver a quantity of 10 FocBox to your door, so you can start selling & earning profits immediately.



 NOTE: All prices listed above are in Australian Dollars. You will be billed in Australian dollars.

*Profit estimations are calculated on $RRP. 

Consignment offers at Knight and Master levels are only available to re-sellers who have previously held an active Padawan subscription for a minimum of 3 months.


Q: How much does the 10 pack cost? A: With the 10X FocBox Coupon [limited offer], you initially pay the one off $33(AUD) setup fee, followed by $1650(AUD) after 30 days.
Q: If I haven't sold through the stock do I still have to pay? A: Yes, your card will be charged automatically each month for your convenience. Any excess stock can be sent back to us for a full refund, or you can simply keep the stock and put a hold on your subscription for one month to give you time to sell through it before you resume your subscription. Re-sellers subscriptions can only be paused once every 12 months.
Q: How much is the shipping charge? A: We do not charge you for outbound shipping; however, you must pay for any return shipments.
Q: Who is responsible for import duties? A: You will be responsible for paying import duties & tax according to the customs department rules & regulations set in your country.
Q: Can I cancel anytime? A: You can cancel at anytime. There is no contract. 
Q: This seems like a great deal, what's the catch? A: Correct, This is a great deal! There is no catch - we simply want to service the ever-growing demand for this product & we believe the best way to achieve this is with small, localised distributors who can better cater to the needs of the end user.
Q: Can I order without a credit card? A: No, you must have a credit card to participate.
Q: How much should I sell the Focbox For? A: Always refer to our current website price as a base, factor in shipping charges, then add any local taxes, which you can check here 
Q: Does the FocBox come with warranty? A: Yes, 60 days warranty, If you have a faulty unit, it will be credited, repaired or replaced.
Q: Who should the end user contact for support?   A: You will act as the first point of contact and help with any setup or troubleshooting issues.
Q: Can I Discount the FocBox to increase sales? A: You do have some flexibility with price. However, we have done extensive market research & believe our recommended retail price is the perfect balance of affordability whilst ensuring we can continue to invest in quality control processes, premium components & superior service.
 Q: Are there other Terms & Conditions I should read?  A: Yes, you should ALWAYS read Terms and Conditions. For the link to the full terms & conditions for this website, click here