15T 12MM Wide Motor Pulley

USD14.86 USD8.90 (You save USD5.96)

Buy this pulley & use with 12mm wide belt for 33% extra torque transfer on singal drive system.

The pulley is made from hardened steel, this 15 teeth HTD5 motor pulley is the perfect match for any motor with an 8mm drive shaft.

The pulley DOES NOT come with a set screw, Includes 3x3x18mm keyway piece.

Fitment on non R-SPEC Motors: If your motor shaft doesnt have a key way slot & circlip provisons simply grind a flat spot onto the side of the shaft, deep enough (1.4mm) for the key to fit tightly when the pulley is installed. Use the KEY as a wedge and hammer it into position. This pulley will be mechanically locked onto the motor shaft.