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Dual Drive Mech Kit

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Enertion Dual Motor Mount Pro Kit is a complete 'Below The Deck' mechanical solution for builders of electric skateboards. Everything down to the last screw is provided so you can easily build a high-quality dual drive electric skateboard at home. 

 *motors not included


The Enertion drive train components are a state-of-the-art engineered solution that is built to last. The Dual Pro drive system is a composite of Carbon Fiber & Aluminium components that work in harmony together to create the best system for builders of custom electric skateboards. The Dual Pro Kit offers outstanding value, it is the most economical way to build your own high-quality dual drive electric skateboard. In this kit, you get everything you need for building your own electric skateboard excluding the electronics.



Choose Enertion Dual Motor Mount Pro Kit - Spend less time building more time riding.

motors not included


superior quality



easy install








2xcarbon-fiber-mount.jpg Enertion Motor Mounts & bolts 

4xenertion-powerwheels-sml.jpg Enertion 83mm 78a Duro High performance wheels

 2xtrucks.jpg 50 Degree Enertion High-speed eboard trucks.

2xtruck-riser.jpg Truck Riser Kit 

2xhub.jpg 36 Tooth - Quick Install - Bearing Drive Hub

8xbearing.jpg High-Speed ABEC 9 Bearings

2xmotor-pulley-1.jpg 15 Tooth Steel Motor Pulleys

4xenertion-bearing-spacer.jpg Bearing Spacers

2xtiming-belt.jpg High Torque HTD5 Timing Belt

8xdeck-bolts.jpg Deck bolts







When planning to make your own 'eboard' you will need to consider 3 key sets of components that work together to complete your electric skateboard build.

1. The skateboard gear.

> deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, spacers, deck bolts, truck risers, grip tape.

2. The mechanical gear, the stuff that forms the drive chain & links the skateboard parts to the electronics parts, we call this stuff the propulsion parts.

> motor brackets, motor mount plates, wheel pulley or wheel hub, motor pulley, timing belt.

3. Finally The electronics

> motors, batteries, speed controller (ESC), remote controller, wiring, charger

Until now buying all the parts you would require for your electric skateboard has been very time consuming, complicated and expensive. With the introduction of the enertion propulsion kit #1 creating your own custom made eboard just got a whole lot easier, once fully assembled this electric skateboard kit makes up all the mechanical elements you will need during your build. Using this kit to build your eboard will save you time & money, it will also have you well on the way to riding your own high quality power-boosted-board without any of the frustration & hassle previously endured when using a mish-mash of incompatible parts sourced from multiple different suppliers.

Enertionboards.com supplies a complete range of intuitivley designed, high quality, super strong electric skateboard parts in stock, available for quick delivery so you can make the ultimate home made electric skateboards.

When you buy from Enertionboards.com you are guaranteed the best QUALITY, PRICE & SERVICE or YOUR MONEY BACK  


enertionboards.com was created to make your life easier during your DIY electric skateboard build, but that's not enough! we want to legitimize the industry by offering superior service & unrivaled product support and warranty. Building your eboard just got a whole lot easier due to our awesome electric skateboard kits, but thats not our only objective, we are here to make a name for ourselves - not just because our DIY eboard gear is the best money can buy - but based on the level of customer satisfaction we achieve. If things don't work out and you want your money back it's yours! If the stuff we sell you breaks we replace it.

Enertionboards.com is searious about offering a total solution to the eboarding enthusiast of the world and ligitimizing the industry so that everyone in the world can experience how good it feels to ride the streets on an electric powered veichle.

Just remember "Life's too short to push"               


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